45 minutes in brussels

on my way from london to our next stop, i had a four hour layover in brussels (the boy took a different, direct flight). i figured i had enough time to get into the city to explore and eat a waffle and then back to the airport. i hurried as much as possible through customs and scurried to the train terminal and hopped on a train to brussels central station. by the time i got to the center of the city, i had just 45 minutes before i had to turn around and go back again. it was a little crazy, but totally worth it!

i had been in brussels once before – on a day-long layover to kenya when i was thirteen – but i forgot how magnificent the main square is!

IMG_3906IMG_3879IMG_3877 IMG_3903IMG_3894 IMG_3917IMG_3888

i wandered the streets a bit in search for a just-right belgian waffle. i remembered how incredible these were from my last time in brussels. but they were even more delcious than i remembered!

IMG_3919IMG_3923 IMG_3929

of course i also had to have some belgian chocolate while in belgium! chocolate is everwhere in the streets of brussels!

IMG_3930 IMG_3932

i got to the train station just in time to run straight onto the train headed back for the airport – phew! that was a wild and wonderful few hours! and three countries in one day?! i’ll take it!



  1. I am drooling over those waffles! They look delicious.. what a treat! :)

  2. I love how you soak up each moment of life!

  3. Yes, those waffles look much better than my bowl of Cheerios! And that was one of my favorite things about Europe; the ease of traveling. We had a similar (rushed) experience in Austria but like yours, it was so worth it! Your pictures make me want to go back.

  4. Yum! I think it's awesome how you take advantage of all the time you have! Im sure I'm not alone in wondering if you and the boy are looking to move overseas?!

  5. Of course you did! What a smart decision. Thanks for the inspiration to suck the marrow out of more layovers! Love your approach. Enjoy your travels!


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