19 January 2015

brigham and lucia come to town!


this weekend the boy’s brother brigham and his wife lucia came to the bay! they bought my car from us and are driving it back to utah as we speak. we had such a good time showing them around the city and stanford in the most perfect bay area weather, and had three pretty epic sleepovers in our teensy studio.

on saturday morning we went to the ferry building farmers market and brig and lucy loved it as much as we do! we filled up on fresh yummy food and then walked through union square, chinatown and on to north beach. we enjoyed the crispest views from the rooftop, delicious pizza, a stroll along the wharf and the piers and trolley ride along embarcadero and then drove across the golden gate bridge to take in the grandeur from the marin headlands.

IMG_3555 IMG_3559IMG_3571IMG_3575IMG_3578IMG_3584

on sunday after church we rode
bikes around stanford campus as
the sun went down. it was so
lovely and happy.

we sure love these two! having
family in town is just so great.
i love showing people i love the
places i so so love!


  1. OMG, is his name really Brigham? I saw where his other brother is named Hyrum. I bet he has other brothers named Talmadge, Silas, Ezekiel, and Barnabas as well. Sheesh!

    1. well, my brother is talmadge and my nephew is silas - good deducing skills :) we also have eli and ezra on my side and caleb and esther on the boy's side. barnabas is one we neither side has thought of yet!
      have a happy day full of bible/mormon-history names, anon!

  2. Brigham, Hyrum, Eli, they are all Awesome names! Looks like a great time. How fun to be starting a new adventure soon with your love, good luck to wherever you go!

  3. Looks like a fun time! Great pictures. How wonderful you are able to have these bonding moments with new family. It used to be such a treat for us to take day trips to San Francisco when we would visit my grandparents cattle ranch in Clearlake Oaks, CA. The pictures bring back memories and make me smile.

  4. I love hearing of your adventures in the city. We live in the South Bay but don't venture to SF nearly as much as we would like. How did you learn to navigate your adventures? Guide books? I would love to get more comfortable with exploring but not sure where to begin.

    1. hi jan! to answer your question, this is the way i learned to navigate the city: i was unemployed and living there without a smartphone for 18 months -- so i got lost a lot and learned from experience :) i also like to use funcheapsf (great website!) to find events and cool places to check out. i've never used a sf guide book! check out the "san francisco" category on this blog (in the left sidebar) for some ideas on where to begin. i'd like to create 1-day, weekend, 1-week guides before we leave the bay area!

  5. Thank you so much for your reply and advice, Charity. I'll check out your suggestions. I like the idea of being budget conscious too! :)

  6. "Before we leave the Bay Area?" Sat it isn't so? Thanks for letting your "blog friends" join in on your adventures! Your passion for life is contagious and inspiring!

  7. That was suppose to be "Say" not sat. Chubby fingers..little keypad ;)

  8. I'm so glad that we get to come for Ian's graduation so we can have that Stanford tour! Love that campus but haven't had a tour from those who know it best!


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