we spent two inter-holiday days with the boy’s brother and his family in pittsburgh. we met our brand new nephew, played a lot of skip-bo and uno, ate delicious food, went on runs and walks around the wrights’ gorgeous neighborhood, attended church together, worked on a 2500 piece puzzle, and even had a pretty awesome fireworks show in the driveway!

on sunday night, the boy’s brother brought us on a little driving tour of the city. it made me want to come back and explore! we went to this amazing lookout point and loved peering into the stealers game at heinz field (we could hear a pretty incredible crescendo of cheering and looked up the game to find out that a punt had just been returned for a 71 yard touchdown!).


when we left brothers’ homes in the early mornings, both in columbus and pittsburgh, the entire family stood at the front window in pajamas and waved at us until we were out of sight. so sweet.

we drove through pennsylvania towards new york city and had to make a detour in hershey. we found chocolate world a bit of a letdown, but did quite enjoy seeing a legit wonderland of hershey’s stuff. we also drove through some beautiful spots of amish country and read up some info about that interesting culture on our phones.


i have been to new york city more times than i can count, but every single time i’m approaching the city by plane or by land, i get such a tickle of excitement in my stomach! we definitely listened to some new york new york as we approached the big apple!
to be continued…


  1. Such cute nieces and nephews!

  2. Hi Charity, you don't know me and I've never commented before. As a twenty something who has spent her life back and forth between her divorced parents' homes in both Pittsburgh and Hershey, I was so excited to see you were not at just one, but both places during your PA trip! I'm glad you enjoyed your time here and just wanted to say thank you for blogging and letting us strangers peer into the ups and downs of your life and find inspiration. I have read your blog for quite some time and even found the Church through it! So thank you again, and congratulations on your new marriage!

  3. Where's Batman?

  4. That is such a darling family! Didn't know you drove to NYC. I feel the same way about that great city. Such an awesome place!

  5. Love reading all about your holiday adventures! Best line ever though was using your phone to read up on the Amish culture! For some reason that made me laugh and I really needed that today! Would you ever have thought at the start of 2014 that this would be the start of 2015? Enjoy every moment for they are precious!


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