one day in stockholm


the boy and i both loved stockholm – more than expected! and to love it in january certainly must mean we would looooove it in june! it was cold and grey but really beautiful and fun to explore. the boy got in a few hours before me so  he was able to give me a few tips for my day of exploring while he was in meetings on wednesday.

^^ something i really like about stockholm is how many streets have cool lights hanging across them. ^^
^^ this shows a bit how snowy it was! ^^
IMG_3961 IMG_3963
okay, i am totally obsessed with gamla stan, stockholm’s old town. i ran through the cobblestoned streets in the morning and then came back to explore more and take pictures (and obviously i couldn’t stop!) around every corner there is another corner that looks so charming and alluring to peek around. i just love it – pictures don’t do the magic justice!
IMG_3966 IMG_3968IMG_3970 IMG_3976IMG_3980IMG_3985 IMG_3990 IMG_3987 
did you know that nobel prizes originated in and are given out from stockholm? i didn’t know! above ^^ is the nobel museum.
IMG_3993 IMG_4082
i watched the changing of the guard at the royal palace:
and then went inside to see the splendor:
IMG_4022 IMG_4028IMG_4039 IMG_4046IMG_4052 IMG_4073IMG_4061IMG_4066IMG_4078IMG_4081IMG_4093IMG_4095IMG_4097 IMG_4102
^^ love this vermillion church. and look how snowy/icy the pathways to it are! ^^
i walked a lot that one day in stockholm. my feet and legs were aching so much by the time night fell (around 4pm!). i loved happening upon these two cool buildings:
IMG_4111 IMG_4115
and inside that one on the right i found a food wonderland! it was perhaps the most beautiful market i’ve ever seen.
^^ see what i mean about the hanging lights? ^^
^^ i came across this market square and couldn’t get over how beautifully the fruit was arranged ^^  and flowers!:
the boy and i met up for dinner, and afterwards we were both exhausted. but we agreed we needed at least one picture of the two of us in this amazing city! so we walked down to the bridge and this blurry photo is the best we got!

i am very much looking forward to experiencing stockholm in the summer!!


  1. These hints are torture! ;). I really admire your adventurous spirit. I'm intimidated exploring my own city on my own let alone another country. You've inspired me! Have a wonderful time!

    1. haha i didn't know i was dropping hints! in fact, i wish i had some hints myself about what's next for the boy and i. everything is up in the air.
      thanks for reading!!

  2. I just learned that a bunch of my ancestors came from Sweden! So much fun to see these photos and get a feel for where my ancestors came from (although, I'm sure it looked much different back in their day). I also admire your adventurous spirit.

  3. Oh I love looking at your photos!! Such a wonderful world...and you capture it so well!

  4. Charity....these are fabulous photos. Made me feel like I got an "insider" view of Stockholm, and I really appreciate that. Your attention to detail and variety as you captured this beautiful, elegant city makes this series of photos extra special and enjoyable. Your outfit is really darling---you look very chic. Take good care.

  5. Hih, this is so cute. I live in Finland so just a boat trip away from Stockholm and it's so cute to read how excited you were of the snow even tough you saw the unsnowy side of Stockholm. Had you visited there today the amounth of snow wouldve been three times bigger. But I got to say that it was super weird to see these pictures from so near when usually all your pictures are from a nother side of the globe and so foreing to me.

  6. Man, I think we have to see Stockholm. Except maybe we've already seen it through your eyes which is pretty astonishing.

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  8. Me too! I can't wait to see Stockholm this summer!


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