these first couple of months of two thousand and fifteen have felt like such a whirlwind of life. there has been quite frenzied traveling, huge decision making, and large changes looming. in the midst of what has often felt foggy and turbulent, i have sought peace in small, beautiful mortal moments and tiny daily joys. 

a few weeks ago, the boy and i met at the oakland temple and talked about important things as the sun set over the expansive view stretching down the hill and across oakland and the bay to the glimmering city. the sky mutated above us, different colors floating in and out over new blossoms and white stone, and the crisp air tasted nice. i felt peace.

we've been scrambling to prepare for our upcoming around-the-world adventure, and there's a lot of details to figure out! in slivers of time as we've been trip planning, i've felt along with my tremendous excitement and bits of stress, a sure stream of peace.

wrapping up my work at my job has been busy and gratifying. i've reflected every day lately on the blessing it has been to learn and contribute in my role. today as i met with a group of students, i felt a sweet brand of joy, and i felt peace.

the boy and i have been trying to savor and relish the loveliness that is palo alto with each day we have left living here. last monday, president's day, we took a bike ride in the sunshine around the gorgeous residential streets around university avenue, looking for blooming magnolia trees (we found many). we stopped at the peninsula creamery for a milkshake. in the mornings, we've been taking runs around our neighborhood and playing tennis on the courts that are practically across the street from our house. as i've consciously tried to soak palo alto into my pores, i've felt peace.

we are also working to enjoy the tiny little space that we call home and adore so much before it is no longer our home. i've been making blue apron meals (i'm obsessed!) in the kitchen and we've spent too long in the mornings groggily cuddling in our bed. as i've left and come home to that place that is now sacred to me/us, i have felt peace. 

i hope to carry with me, throughout the next few months of movement and sensory piquancy and constant or significant change, a little locket of peace. 


  1. Leaving your newlywed place is so hard. We are in the process of doing the same (moving to a house, not taking a trip, though!) and I am also trying to cherish all the peaceful feelings we have created in that space.

    I hope you enjoy your travels - what an amazing experience!

  2. Peace is such a beautiful word....especially when it follows turmoil.

  3. Such a beautiful photo of the Oakland Temple. That is the temple I went through for the first time before serving my mission. I just attended my very special aunt's funeral this last weekend. I love that no matter where we are in life, or what journey we each take, we are able to have that beautiful sense of peace through the knowledge of the plan Heavenly Father has for each of us.
    I love that you are appreciating and soaking in all the great things of Palo Alto, as you prepare for your journey around the world.
    I seriously love that photo.

  4. Hi Charity,
    I totally agree with you about peace in the temple.

    On Wed, Feb 18th I was able to do the sealing for my Mum & Dad in the London temple.

    Even tho I had quite a lot of oppposition before I did this, the moment I entered the sealing room I felt the spirit & cried.

    I cried during the whole sealing & it was all lovely.

    I'm the only member in my family, so this was extra-special to me.

    I now look forward to being sealed to my Mum & Dad.

    Families are forever.x

  5. What opposition did you face if you are the only member in your family?

  6. It was mainly opposition with the paper work/cards & being rushed at the beginning etc.

    Also, I couldn't find the bloke who was going to be my Dad.

    It was all ok in the end tho & the opposition was all worth it.

    The google thing isn't working properly on my iPod, so I've had to add my name as anonymous. It's actually Julie here.:)


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