valentine’s day

it was a perfect first married valentine’s day … not!
it started with us both being a liiiittle upset at each other, included quite a few hours in icky traffic, and ended in the emergency room.

but – there was a lot of goodness and a lot of love in between.

photo 1

i made cinnamon rolls and heart shaped red fruit salad for breakfast (i ditched trying to make the cinnamon rolls heart shaped after my epic fail two years ago). then we hopped in the car to head towards the city. i had a whole day all planned full of both adventure and relaxing.
once we hit san francisco – loooooots of gnarly traffic. we sat in the car in bumper to bumper for about two hours and rearranged my adventure plans. but! it was a really, really glorious blue day and we had good conversations. we eventually got across the golden gate bridge, finally parked our car and headed down a trail that led us to….this! IMG_4334

kirby cove is a spot both of us had been wanting to visit, and it exceeded our expectations for sure. there’s a lovely beach, incccccredible views, and … a swing!IMG_4328IMG_4329
^^ i like how we have basically identical expressions in these pictures.

we also explored around some bends to find this cave:

and just relaxed with the blue sky, that gorgeous vermillion bridge and the lapping waves. it was super warm – we could have hopped in if we’d have brought our swimsuits!

the hike out wasn’t bad either…

we went to dinner at our favourite spot in the city – lavash (seriously so delicious, and it was set up so romantic!) and then we went to a loooovely little hotel in nob hill to spend the night. i adore the way this place (hotel carlton) is decorated, and we realized once we got there that it has a world travel theme (globes all over the lobby, pictures from around the world on the walls), which was perfect because we were discussing our upcoming  travel plans all weekend.
IMG_1450 photo 2

we were so excited to spend a lazy morning together with our city view and included breakfast, but i woke up in the wee hours with extreme pain in my eye. long story short, i spent the entire day without being able to open my eye for more than a half a second, and we ended up in the emergency room. i have a bunch of corneal abrasions that hopefully will heal up soon with the prescribed meds. not such a fun ending to valentine’s weekend, but gosh i’m so grateful for my valentine who loves me even when i’m basically blind, quite whiney and not looking too good. he took such good care of me.

i love love. and i’m soooo glad i have a perma-valentine.


  1. Hi Charity,
    I'm really sorry your 1st Valentine's Day didn't go as planned. those swings looked fun tho.:)

    I'm glad you were able to get your eye looked at - literally! I hope you recover from this ok.x

    Happy Pancake Day from the UK. Hope you get to have a couple today & join in this British tradition.:)

  2. I'm so happy you have a perma-valentine too! He is incredible! So sorry about your eye and your most recent diagnosis but I have a feeling that you're going to be back to 100% very soon for that fantastic journey!

  3. Hi Charity,
    I just wanted to thank you both for your heartfelt and honest post about Valentine's. I appreciated your willingness to be a little vulnerable in showing that a beautiful and meaningful life with your partner doesn't necessarily mean that it is tiff or disturbance free! Sometimes it is hard to feel like you can live up to other people's relationships (at least the way they are portrayed in social media) and so it means so much that you are able to show a relationship that is both healthy, beautiful, loving, passionate, joyful…and also at times with misunderstandings and miscommunications! Anyway…I hope this comes off as a compliment, because it truly is meant to be one!

  4. Hi there! I'm planning a visit to Kirby Cove and was hoping you can share details on how the get there. I'll be coming from Vallejo. Thanks in advance!!!

  5. Hi there! I'm planning a visit to Kirby Cove and was hoping you can share details on how the get there. I'll be coming from Vallejo. Thanks in advance!!!


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