big sur has my heart


i love big sur (the stretch of coast basically from hearst castle to carmel). i love it so much.

after packing up camp, we stopped at mcway waterfall. it’s just unbelievable. but it’s real! i like the view from the other side of the bluff as well:photo 5

the color of that water! and there’s just something so magical about a waterfall dumping right onto the beach and into the ocean. our pictures were shadowy as the morning sun hadn’t made its way over the coastal mountains, but our views were truly breathtaking.

photo 3 (1)

our next stop making our way up the pacific coast highway was cafe kevah, which is connected to the restaurant nepenthe, perched on a cliff overlooking this:IMG_4889

we shared a delicious breakfast burrito and enjoyed the sunshine and the views! (which are so hard to capture!)


then, we headed out on a 8.8 mile loop hike along the ridge of the hills up high and the bluffs closer to the water. it was so so scenic and sunny and super. there were so many wildflowers, which i wish i would have taken more pictures of!


we took one last vista stop at this spot where we could see the cliffs and waves and bixby bridge:IMG_4939IMG_4942

and then as we were approaching carmel, i felt that i just had to introduce the boy to the cottage of sweets, one of my favourite little shoppes in all the world. we got some gummies and bonbons to go for the rest of the drive home.

it was a pretty fantastic farewell-to-california road trip tour! forests, desert and the coast! now we are frantically packing up and making last preparations for our trip. in every prayer we are earnestly thanking heaven for all the experiences, miracles, memories and growth we’ve had here in the bay area, both together and separate. and for the incredible opportunity and privilege to travel so much in the next few months! it’s really going to be an epic adventure.

love you, california. love you and am going to miss you like crazy.


  1. It's just gorgeous! I've never been to California but the photos are lovely! I'm curious as to how you get all those great "couple shots"? Do you use a tripod or ask other people to take them for you? Happy packing and adventuring!

    1. I've been wondering the same thing.

      I'd love to know the answer.:)

      Julie, UK.

    2. we just ask a stranger to take the picture for us, usually. we both enjoy chatting with people and finding out where they are from and a little about their travels and/or life. we do have an awesome gorillapod tripod that we sometimes use, but we didn't need to at all on this roadtrip because nice strangers were around! every so often we get really terrible pictures taken by strangers (like the one of us in front of mcway waterfall, but really *in front* as in totally covering all the scenery), but usually people do a great job!

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  3. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I totally wanna go there some day!

  4. Is the cottage of sweets British? I love how you spelt favourite the British way.:)

    Happy Packing.

    P.S. Don't forget to take some pix of the packing etc, as that's a big part of your holiday.:) Happy Solar Eclipse Day from the UK.


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