hearst castle and that divine california coast

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on our way back from southern california, we took the (super) scenic route, via hearst castle and big sur.

i just can’t and won’t get over that divine california coast. we talked on the drive about how we are so excited to go to many exotic and amazing places on our upcoming around-the-world trip, but one of the most spectacular spots is right here in the area where we live!

i went to hearst castle a few years ago, but have been wanting to go back with the boy and to see some other rooms. it was just as dizzingly magnificent and beautiful as last time (even though the neptune pool was drained and there was scaffolding on the facade)!

the grand rooms were sure grand. i especially loved all the intricate ceilings and watching home videos of the castle builder william hearst and his distinguished guests in the luxe theater:
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and the grounds and gardens – just magnificent!! i especially loved the flowering vines growing up tall palm tree trunks, the tiled staircases, the blossoms sprouting everywhere, and of course the sweeping views down to the ocean:
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and then there’s the indoor roman pool, which seems like the crown jewel of the place, right by the spot where you get  on the bus for the ride back down the “enchanted hill”:
IMG_4804 IMG_4807IMG_4806

we stopped by the elephant seal beach for a peek and got quite a show… it was pretty amazing.

IMG_4818 IMG_4825IMG_4832IMG_4839IMG_4845

and we couldn’t help but stop at a few viewpoints off the pacific coast highway on our way to our aweeeesome campsite.


we took the trail from the campground down to the shore, through so much lush vegetation and wildflowers and caught a serene and lovely sunset.

IMG_4852 IMG_4853IMG_4854IMG_4865IMG_4873IMG_4878

seriously. california wins.


  1. Good grief! I have to see this gorgeous place! You guys really know how to "seize the day" in this little interim before you plunge into the real world. Come to think of it, every day is the real world but you know how to make each one enchanting! Grand pictures!

  2. Agreed! Goodness it is so fun to look at your pictures! This world is such a glorious place.

  3. Charity,
    I love following your blog and live vicariously through your travels. We are interested in camping this Summer in California and that place looks divine! Would you mind sharing your camping spot?

    1. yes! it's called kirk creek campground and it's in the southern part of big sur. it's amazing! if you reserve quite a bit in advance, you can get the realllly awesome spots that are more separated from others and have amazing ocean views.

  4. I found your blog from your Sisters (71 Toes) :) And i have loved reading your posts and following along with your travels! So amazing! Thank you for sharing your passions for life! It's inspiring! And so HAPPY for you to fulfill all your dreams with "The Boy" as you travel the world ;)


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