wedding photo books from shutterfly!

i’ve spent countless hours the past few weeks on shutterfly’s website digitally creating a book of photographs from our wedding as a gift for the boy’s parents, and another as a gift for my parents. it has been a ton of fun to reminisce on our incredible wedding day and the magic of all the connected celebrations. i designed the book pretty much from scratch, so it took a lot of time and thought, but shutterfly made the process easy and i loved how customizable everything was.

when we got back from our roadtrip, we were soooo excited to see this box on our doorstep!:


we opened it up (it’s now on its way to the boy’s parents in texas) and were totally blown away at how awesome it turned out. the quality of materials and construction is seriously amazing and it just looked so good!we were freaking out as we stopped all unpacking and any other activity to flip through it on our couch. we can’t wait for both of our sets of parents to get their book!!


i wanted to share a few glimpses of the inside of the wright side’s book.
I can’t recommend shutterfly highly enough!



  1. Fabulous. We get books from them all the time, well at least one a year and often for our summer trips.

  2. Shutterfly books are great! I do want to say though, for anyone who has never made one before, as you're uploading photos and adjusting how they are laid out, make sure that you click the "save your work" button often! If the internet goes down for a minute or if the website freezes up, you could lose a lot of the work you've done and have to start over. I've had it happen to me so just be careful and save often and you'll be fine!

  3. What a beautiful gift. I'm sure they will cherish it.
    Your wedding festivities really were amazingly magical!
    I'm looking forward to your around-the-world trip and all the excitement you will get to share with all of us. -Lisa

  4. Each of our kids made one for their weddings and I love them! For our anniversary last year they put together a book of our wedding! I love it to death. We have them out on the table in our livingroom and people just gravitate to them.

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