discovering milford sound

we were originally going to only visit the north island of new zealand on this trip, but once we saw photographs of fiordland national park and milford sound, we both decided we simply had to go to the south island as well.

even if we had to come back right after the flight down there, it would have been worth it! most spectacular views i’ve ever had on a commercial flight – these pictures don’t do it justice at all.

IMG_5332 IMG_1632IMG_5334 IMG_5342

we landed in queenstown and were immediately so glad we headed south. we were amazed at the scenery from the very beginning. we hopped right in our rental car and headed for milford sound.

IMG_5344 IMG_5347IMG_5349IMG_5359IMG_5365
^^ loved seeing autumn leaves in march! we passed through lots of charming little towns ^^
^^ soooooo many sheep ^^
^^ more beautiful autumn foliage! ^^

the drive kept changing and we kept being amazed. soon we were seeing lots of waterfalls and some glaciers. we went through a looooong tunnel that spit us out on a windy road down towards fiordland.

IMG_5400 IMG_5403IMG_5409

when we got to milford sound, we decided to go on a boat out on the water. we were kayaking the next day, but the weather looked bad, so we jumped on a chance to see the sound not under non-raining skies. we were blown away by our little cruise, past waterfalls and seals and cliffs and glaciers, cutting through the gorgeous deep dark teal water.

IMG_5411 IMG_5538IMG_5420IMG_5423IMG_5431IMG_5435 IMG_5478IMG_5438IMG_5444IMG_5464IMG_5484 IMG_5493IMG_6600IMG_6398 IMG_5499 IMG_5510IMG_6603IMG_5525IMG_5533

after our ride, we hiked up to a little lookout point, met some really rad fellow travelers, at dinner at the only cafe in milford sound, and settled into our bunk room at the milford inn lodge. what an amazing spot on earth!



  1. This is such a fun adventure! I am loving all the pictures.

  2. First an earthquake in New Zealand. Now there was one in Nepal. Praying for your safety!!

  3. My prayers to all those affected by the quake but I especially hope you both are safe and have the provisions you need to survive whatever your situation is. I hope you are able to communicate with your families at this time as well.

  4. WOW!!!!!! Milford Sound is now inching towards the top of my list! These are amazing pics Charity!
    How fabulous!


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