kayaking milford sound and the drive out!


we spent the night in a bunk room at the milford sound lodge, and awoke early to get back on the water on kayaks! we were worried that the weather forecast said lots of rain, but we quickly learned that rain on the sound is not a bad thing. the mist hanging over the cliffs and the waterfalls gushing all around made for spectacular sights and an incredible experience.

we coordinated our kayak adventure with rosco’s milford kayaks, and everything about it was awesome. after we got outfitted in gear that kept us perfectly warm and quite dry while paddling, rosco himself met us at the dock to speed us out to the end of the sound in a boat. he and our guide, jack, were so very kind and helpful and full of energy, information, and love for the sound and its wonders. we can’t recommend rosco’s highly enough!

i strapped our gopro to my head and took some photos and videos while we were paddling. i didn’t think about wiping off the lens cover from time to time and got a lot of pictures of water droplets – oops! but we did get some good ones that do an okay job capturing the magic of this experience (and i’ll share some video later!). we were both seriously in awe pretty much the whole time, looking around and trying to soak it all in…cascading waterfalls, dense vegetation, sheer cliffs, dark teal water, hanging clouds…it was truly spectacular.

IMG_6646IMG_6648 IMG_6660IMG_6650IMG_6652
^^ we paddled right up to the end of this waterfall! ^^

^^  i dunked the gopro underwater to snap a picture of these starfish hanging on the side of the cliff! ^^

after kayaking, we dried off and drove back to queenstown. the drive was outrageous. once again, the pictures don’t do it justice. there were soooo many waterfalls!

IMG_5554 IMG_55624IMG_5564 IMG_5574IMG_5567
^^ ian really couldn’t believe it. hands to head and sky in wonder! ^^
IMG_5571IMG_5575IMG_5577IMG_5579 IMG_5584
^^ we stopped at “mirror lakes” for a little walk and then got some goody goody gumdrops ice cream at a shop in te anau. we were totally obsessed with that stuff during our time in new zealand. soooo good. ^^
we also stopped by a few lakes on our way back. wow!:


  1. Are you blogging live, or is this from a few days ago and you're only publishing this now? Because if it's the first scenario: whew, you're alive! Hope you and Ian aren't too shaken from the earthquake and are able to help some (local) people while you're there!

  2. These are amazing photos! I am with Ian in amazement at the number of waterfalls. Wow!!!!
    What a beautiful trip. Praying for your safety. Lisa

  3. Here is a blog Her sister posted today. Y'all made have already seen it! Praying for Charity and Ian!


  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3056263/The-hunt-survivors-Nepalese-officials-warn-death-toll-devastating-quake-hit-10-000-scores-American-families-thousands-searching-unaccounted-for.html So great to read that you are safe and have contacted home in our British Daily Mail!

    Wishing you a safe journey X


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