we're alive! but unable to post.

**it has been harder to blog on our trip than expected! we just finished our three weeks in china, where internet is certainly not readily available, and blogger is blocked! we are headed on our hiking trek through the himalayas in the morning (i am posting this from kathmandu, nepal) so the blog will be quiet for a couple more weeks. i am excited to share all the amazing things we have been blessed to experience and hope to blog when we get back from our trek. in the meantime, you can follow our adventure on instagram!**

thanks for following along! the world is so fascinating and beautiful!


  1. I think that your schedule is so tight, that you should concentrate on enjoying it and blog another time! Even though I would love to read about everything of course.

  2. That explains it! Next time you need a VPN! It allows you to pass those firewalls! Works like a charm!


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