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getting to tibet isn’t particularly easy, but we felt that it was definitely worth the effort, both because our experiences there were outstanding and because we worked with a really, really wonderful company that was incredibly helpful. our seven day overland tour from lhasa to the nepal border wass made possible and led by www.travelchinatibet.com (TCT), and we can’t recommend their services highly enough.

it was ian’s dream to go to tibet, and he found TCT via tripadvisor at the very beginning of our trip planning. he had several conversations on the phone with bruce tang and each time he hung up after their conversations he said “that guy is awesome.” bruce helped us every step of the way in securing our visas and permits and answered all of our questions, about tibet and china generally, with thoroughness and kindness and extensive knowledge. we touched base with bruce several times while traveling through china before heading to tibet, and he was always ready to help, which was so so nice as we were in a very foreign place and headed somewhere that is very strict and quite complicated insofar as tourist travel.

when we got off the train in lhasa, our tour guide tenzing was waiting for us and immediately began sharing interesting information about tibet. tenzing is native to tibet and speaks very good english. from the very start of our tour we were impressed with the organization, the accommodation, and the adventure. as featured in my most recent posts, tenzing took us to all kinds of amazing places on our journey from lhasa to the nepal border, teaching us so much along the way. all overnight stays were taken care of, and some meals were provided while all others were easy with tenzing’s recommendations. i felt like the tour was the perfect combination of adventure with relative comfort along the way. in the middle of our seven days, we got a call from bruce, just checking in on us to make sure all was going well. we assured him that we were truly having an awesome time, and that only continued.

traveling through tibet it an experience that we will really treasure forever. it is a fantastically beautiful place in so many different ways, and is unlike anywhere else on earth. if you ever have the opportunity to go to tibet, let www.travelchinatibet.com help you get there and then enjoy your experience. we cannot imagine a better company to work with.

here’s a couple of photos from our last moments in tibet, as we crossed the “friendship bridge” into nepal on the final morning of our tour. it was crazy cool to see two countries at once on opposite sides of a river!, and then to cross over the bridge into a completely new place (and go back in time instantly thanks to time zones!).


bruce, tenzing and the rest of the team at TCT: thank you for a really, really incredible time in tibet!


  1. Thank you Charity, it is Bruce, it is so moving to see your blog again this time, and i heard from another american couple that you did reply their messsage and helped them to know more about us, so they did the trip with us, i took them and the other 2 american members (totally 2 couples) to visit Lhasa-Gyangtse-Shigatse-Everest in this October, we had wonderful time there and will later update the trip to youtube. Here Bruce on behalf of our team sincerely thank you again for all you did for us, we are really lucky to have clients like you, if any time you are coming back to China/Tibet, please do let Bruce know, i hope to meet you in person and give the best we can to you! Once again, thank you Charity and Ian, you are amazing :)


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