the grand bazaar


i love a good market. and istanbul has the grandest one. i was like a kid in a candy shop.

we went to the grand bazaar, aka my happy place, two days in a row. it’s amazing. the cacophony of colors and textures and sounds and smells and people…it’s just one of the most wonderful spots on planet earth to me. and the boy thought it was pretty rad too! the spice bazaar, with more foods than arts, was equally delightful.

^^ outdoor market beside the domes of the indoor market ^^
IMG_8698 IMG_8708
IMG_8714 IMG_8715
^^ when we returned to the grand bazaar the next morning, we stopped in the neighborhood mosque. so beautiful and peaceful!
IMG_8723IMG_8728G0051080IMG_8729IMG_8731 IMG_8732
^^ couldn’t get over these textiles! ^^
IMG_8733 IMG_8736
^^ classic sight of a seller stuffed in his corner of the market, covered in his goods. and those lanterns! ^^
IMG_8747IMG_8750 IMG_8737IMG_8751IMG_8761IMG_8766IMG_8771
^^ the walk between the grand bazaar and the spice bazaar ^^
^^ the crowded walk between the spice bazaar and golden horn park ^^

gosh, i love that place!!!


  1. That looks awesome! I would have had a hard time not buying everything I saw. I especially loved the Turkish towels (not sure why, but they look so soft and pretty).

  2. I love the textiles too. Such fun.

  3. The combination of colors and textures are astonishing! There are a LOT more people there than when we were there. Such a cacophony of experiences for the senses!


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