friends in utah


there are not too many things i love more than reuniting with best friends in utah when i am there. this summer i got to spend time with almost all of my people, but the above is the only picture i have of that joy. abby and catherine and i have been such close friends since junior high and it’s always so fun to get together as our families grow. this time we had a barbeque at my parents’ house in park city (as we have several times before – a great tradition!). i love all these people so so so much!

not pictured:
-thai food, loooots of catching up and a big cottonwood canyon hike with dani
-dodo takeout at jane’s new house, talking about the twin baby boys she has coming in november
-another dodo run with catherine, abby and mallory – and meeting mallory’s sweet baby girl gemma!
-byu creamery run with lisa & louis, days before their wedding (that we were so sad to miss!)
-seeing wonderful friends i grew up with when going to church in my parents’ home ward

i love my people!!!

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  1. It's so interesting to see the cultural differences. In a picture of my group of friends (all non-Mormon) you wouldn't see that many children. And we are slightly older than you. I'm guessing however that it will change in the near future, since almost everyone got married the last three years.