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introducing…dr. ian wright! he only let us call him “doctor” for one day (he’s not a big fan of titles, but can appreciate some celebration!) – but that he is. i am so proud of him!

ian went straight from undergrad into his master’s/phd program, so homeboy has been in school basically non-stop since he was five years old (he did take two years off to serve a mission, but that type of schooling is even more intense than any academic degree!). and this beautiful balmy day in june was the culmination of those twenty five years of hard work. we had a pretty great time celebrating!!

^^ the undergrads marching in to commencement. they had all kinds of wild costumes. it was pretty fun to watch. ^^
^^ and then the slightly more serious masters and phd candidates filed in. can you see the boy in the line in the aisle? he’s the tall one looking over to find us in the crowd. ^^
^^ looking cool in his sunnies in a sea of graduates! ^^
^^ and excited/triumphant! ^^
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^^ ian walking at the economics department convocation on the hoover tower lawn. he had arranged to have his dad, rather than the department chair, hood him. dad wright graduated from stanford law school but was unable to attend his own graduation. it was so sweet of ian to coordinate a way for his father to have a stanford graduation experience, complete with all the law school regalia. it was a really special moment when ian’s dad hooded him. ^^
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^^ photo ops with two of ian’s best friends from his phd years. ^^
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^^ here’s our most wonderful uncle chris and aunt hedy, who not only came out to ian’s graduation festivities, but hosted us and both sets of our parents at their home in fremont (oh, and let us store our stuff in their gym while we were traveling, and let us borrow their truck, and fed us lots of sunday dinners over the years, and acted as incredible examples and great support to us both). we love them so much and i can’t believe this is the only picture we have with them. it’s pretty obvious that uncle chris takes after his older brother (my dad!) in goofiness…right? these people are angels, and we have been so blessed to live close to them for a bit! ^^
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^^ and it was so so great!! to have both sets of our parents there! ^^
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^^ favourite spots on campus. we love stanford so much – always will. ^^
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^^ the graduate with his two most beloved ladies! ^^
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such a happy day. such a hardworking man. we all love him and are so proud of him.

congratulations, dr. wright! ;)


  1. Char I'm obsessed with that dress! You look so beautiful :)

  2. I agree. You make that dress shine! So beautiful.
    A HUGE Congratulations to Ian. That is quite the accomplishment! How sweet that his father could participate and be part of the graduation ceremony. My daughter is in 9th grade, just started her freshman year of high school- and she dreams of attending Stanford. It looks like a beautiful campus.
    I say go ahead and use the title of "doctor" Ian earned it!!!! L.A. in WA

  3. Charity, can you share where you got that beautiful dress from?

    1. sure! it's from anthropologie. i bought it right before my wedding and it was my "getaway" dress when we left our reception :)

    2. Thank you for replying. The dress is beautiful, and so are you...inside and out. :)

  4. Loved this day! So proud of Ian and of your great support!