dazzling dubrovnik


after cruising through the evening, overnight and a into a new morning down and across the adriatic sea, we arrived put down anchor at dubrovnik. we got to spend about six hours on land exploring, and we decided this was our favourite spot for sure at the end of the cruise.

all four of us were completely blown away by the amazingly well-preserved medieval walled old city perched right on the sparkly, clear blue sea. we absolutely loved wandering the perfectly charming narrow, steep, cobblestoned streets and seeing the pretty harbor. when our tour guide gave us free time, we went straight up an ancient staircase to walk around the entire city wall. the sweeping views of brilliant orange rooftops, lovely steeples and bell towers, and the azure water were delicious. seriously such a stunning, dazzling place. this quick stop in croatia made the boy and i really want to return for some more of the dalmatian coast before too long!

^^ it was always so fun to be on the front deck of the ship during arrival! these views got us pretty excited about dubrovnik from the get-go. ^^
IMG_7508IMG_7340 IMG_7513
^^ you’ll notice our little belt clipped receivers and headphones in pictures from each port. it was great to learn a bit about each place from local tour guides, and it was nice to be able to wander just a little while being informed. ^^
IMG_7518IMG_7514 IMG_7523IMG_7532IMG_7551IMG_7559
^^ the harbor is so dreamy, right?! ^^
IMG_7563IMG_7565IMG_7569IMG_7575 IMG_7596
^^ views down narrow alleys and through fortress “windows” of distant cruise boats! ^^
^^ ten points if you can spot me in this picture…! ^^
^^ i’m in this one too! ^^
IMG_7611IMG_7613IMG_7622 IMG_7625IMG_7623
^^ look at that clear aquamarine water! it was sooooooo hot – we seriously almost jumped in the sea in our clothes. it looked so refreshing and inviting! ^^
^^ some swimmers. really do wish we could have joined them, but by the time we got around the wall it was nearly time to book it back to the ship! ^^
IMG_7639 IMG_7640

next stop…turkey!


  1. Can you elaborate a little more about the tour guide via receiver and headphones? I'm intrigued...

    Was it a service that you signed up for in the city that you're in or was it provided by the cruise ship company? Was it a pre-recorded tour or was it live?

    Thank you and I really enjoy reading about all of your adventures! :)

    1. hi! it was a live tour provided by the tour group that we were with/my parents work for. they coordinate for local guides at each stop.

  2. Love reading about all of your travels! Curious to know whether Croatia is more Mediterranean or Eastern European in feel? Never thought about going there but your pictures are just gorgeous! How was the food there?

    1. Hi I am American and my husband is Croatian. Its a dazzling country, so worth a visit. The Dalmatian coast with its 3000 islands and azure waters definitely feel Mediterranen. Dubrovnik and Split and the island of Hvar are all splendid Roman cities. Zagreb is more "eastern european" in feel - a lovely city too. Plitvice Lakes, is hard to describe but feels like you have died and gone to heaven with its multi level lakes. Go , soo worth it!!