london autumn

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i’m obsessed with autumn.
{some proof: our autumn wedding, vineyard autumn, mountain autumn}

i felt a bit dubious about london autumn because halloween isn’t much of a thing in the uk, and the carving pumpkins in the grocery store are teensy and just barely arrived, and i don’t remember much foliage from my time in england as a missionary.

but this last weekend, london autumn totally knocked our socks off!

on friday after i finished up some work but before the boy got home from work, i took the tube west to check out the victoria & albert museum. i got caught up wandering some darling streets in south kensington, following signs of fall! i strolled over to kynance mews, which i had heard had some pretty vine foliage and look at what i found: IMG_7665
i gaped and gawked at this ^^ for a while, and then walked along the pretty alley, thoroughly enjoying the sprinkled yellow leaves on the cobblestones, the mini pumpkins in windowsills, the darling cottages in a row, and the crisp fall taste in the air. and just like that, i was sold on london autumn! {and it was about to get even better the next day…}

the victoria & albert museum is an absolute wonderland! i only scratched the surface of the cool things to see. looking forward to returning soon! {one of the best parts about a free museum is the ability to explore it in chunks!}

IMG_7672IMG_7692 IMG_7695IMG_7690 IMG_7685
^^ in love with this courtyard. dahlias! ^^
IMG_7683 IMG_7688
^^ i think the theater section of the museum with costumes and set designs on display is my favourite so far – oooh and the jewelry gallery! and isn’t the museum cafe absolutely fabulous?! ^^

since i was in charge our weekly date this week, on saturday i took the boy to afternoon tea at the orangery at kensington palace. we were stunned by the foliage that we saw in kensington gardens when we were rushing to get to our reservation, so we were glad to have time afterwards to wander through the trees. but first! the boy’s first afternoon tea experience! he loved it – it helped him to understand why i adore afternoon tea so much :) the orangery is perfectly lovely. and i vote those scones the best i’ve had yet!

^^ my eyes get reallly squinty when i am super excited! everything was so pretty and yummy. ^^
IMG_8405 IMG_8402

it was the most delicious drizzly afternoon, and we had such a splendid stroll around kensington gardens, blown away by the gorgeous changing leaves in the slanty fall light. the softly gleaming world around us made both of our hearts so happy and hardly able to stand the autumnal magic.

IMG_8417IMG_8410IMG_8413IMG_8429IMG_8418IMG_8431IMG_8424IMG_8433IMG_8441 IMG_8446IMG_8463
^^ we played in the leaves a little to commemorate my dad’s birthday (a very deeply-rooted family tradition) a few
days early (it’s on the 28th). ^^
IMG_8451IMG_8449 IMG_8478IMG_8480

later that evening, we went to evensong at st. paul’s cathedral. ian sees this magnificent building every single day since it’s right down the street from his office, but he hasn’t yet been inside. so i decided we needed to make that happen! the interior is spectacular. the service was beautiful and peaceful.

IMG_8482 IMG_8484

good job on autumn, london! we’re big fans.

^^ a foliagey spot noticed on the way to the bus from church necessitated a quick photo :) it was a wonderful, colorful weekend! ^^


  1. So beautiful! Those pictures are all spectacular! We are in Germany and the colors here are unreal! A pleasant surprise for us too. :)

  2. Lovely photos :) You need to climb to the top of the dome at St Pauls - well worth the effort!

  3. I have to say that after aaaaallll the around the world extravaganzaaaa, that first photo of you two is by far my favorite one! It is just stunning! The colors and damn gurl your face is glowing! I love it!

  4. I agree with Rina. That first photo is beautiful. Sure the colors and light and everything is just spot on, but more than anything you both just look like you've made it. Like you're home and settled and in the big wide world that you've seen there's this tiny space that's now just for you two to grow together.
    love you both char.

  5. I never knew London had such great fall colors! And I also love your ankle boots. They look cute and comfy. Where are they from?

  6. Tea for two.:)

    Speaking of tea, have you started calling dinner tea yet?

    Fantastic pix.

    Autumn is my favourite time of year & these pix to me are heaven on earth.<3

  7. Autumn season is one of my favourite season. I loved this Victoria and Albert museum. You have shared beautiful pictures here. Well I am going to visit venue NYC for a wedding and I hope it will be a fun wedding.