a british thanksgiving for two


we returned home to london late last night from a long weekend in spain, where we celebrated thankgiving with my brother and sister-in-law jonah and aja and their five kids (they are currently living on the beach near valencia). all of last week, even though we were headed to family and a day-late turkey dinner on friday, i couldn’t convince myself that having a totally normal day on the fourth thursday in november was an okay thing to do.

so after i finished up work and before the boy got home from work, i pulled out our fancy table runner, ironed our cloth napkins, got some fancy sparkly drinks, and cooked up a modified thanksgiving feast. i’ve never made stuffing from scratch or roasted a whole chicken, or successfully timed all the elements of a big meal with multiple things needing to be in the oven at once…but it all turned out pretty dang fabulously, if i do say so myself!

IMG_7816 IMG_7821IMG_7814IMG_7823


before we ate, the boy and i knelt on the rug in our little flat and gave thanks to god for all the bounteous blessings he has given us. we are so, so, so thankful for all the abundance, joy, peace, love and happiness in our life together. we reflected on our gratitude as we ate together in our cozy home, and our hearts and bellies became completely brim.

after dinner, we packed our bags for spain and then took a little “turkey trot” along and across the thames as our city of london gleamed in the shimmery, cold night. it was completely magical and we were both exuberant and so very glad.

it was a thanksgiving to remember.

and, now…! christmastime is officially here!!!


  1. Reminds me of my first Thanksgiving in Germany. :)
    Only I caught my hair on fire (ends of my hair touched the flame of the gas burner) while trying to check the oven, at the same time I was trying to stir a pot on the stove top!
    It was pretty scary, and definitely a Thanksgiving I'll never forget. Your food looks delicious!

  2. Glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving.

    Well done on cooking your 1st Thanksgiving meal, it looked lovely. I've done a couple of Christmas dinners & found it really stressful.

    Just curious, why is the cutlery on the serviettes in an x shape & not side by side, is that how they usually prepare them in the US?

    By the way, just wondered if you've met up with Jean Fisher at the London Temple? I think you taught her didn't she. She often goes to the temple, mainly to do baptisms. (I hope you don't mind me asking)

  3. I was just looking at our Christmas pictures to get inspiration for Christmas Eve (did I tell you I'm hosting dinner for my family Christmas Eve?), and I was wondering where those red napkins came from. Now I know! (Or, remember, rather). Also, I'm dying without that table runner. DYING.

  4. Beautiful stuff! As always!