afternoon tea bus tour!

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can you imagine anything more perfectly charmingly london-esque than enjoying a darling spread of afternoon tea on board an adorably pimped out red double decker bus?!

on wednesday afternoon, my new friend julia and i enjoyed mini sandwiches and quiches, scones with clotted cream, super cute sweets and mint tea from thermoses while the best london landmarks swept by outside our top-deck window! it was just about the darlingest experience ever, and so much fun!


the storefront of bb bakery – such a cute little parlour – is literally right across the street from our flat, and i’ve been wanting to pop in one day for afternoon tea. but when once i started seeing bb’s adddddorable buses around town, i knew i had to go on one of their afternoon tea bus tours. it’s such a brilliant idea executed so, so perfectly!

the ambiance was outrageously lovely, the edibles were super pretty and super yummy, the route covered so much of the really good stuff in london, the staff was cheerful and festive and attentive, the details were totally delightful, and the whole thing was just pretty dreamy!

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there’s a little book on each table with pages that show the tour route and that provide interesting facts about the landmarks the bus passes. the tea thermoses are so cute and are a fun souvenir every passenger can take home at the end of the tour. my favourite detail: each side of each comfy booth is equipped with a fuzzy checkered blanket – so cozy!
all the items on the table seem to be perfectly engineered for a sometimes-bumpy bus ride – we had zero slips or spills!!
i was so enamored by the delicious and darling sweets and savouries that i missed some photo ops of london landmarks along our ride. but it was so fun to peer out our big window – up at the beautiful buildings, many wonderfully decorated for the holidays, and down onto the busy bustling streets.
we even got christmas crackers – one of my all-time favourite things..right up there with scones with clotted cream and jam!
IMG_8857IMG_8862 IMG_8823
^^ spectacular views of big ben at sunset + super lovely afternoon tea? great combo! ^^
^^ the sunset was gleaming in the sky as we were passing westminster abbey. it was hard to capture but totally magical! ^^
^^ a shot of the top deck tables, after all that yumminess had been gobbed up! ^^

going on bb bakery’s afternoon tea bus tour is such a perfect way to experience an overview of the best of london. so ideal for first-time visitors, returning visitors, and locals alike! i highly recommend it.

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{this post was written in partnership with bb bakery. thanks for the absolutely delightful ride!}


  1. Julia is my cousin! I wondered if you two would ever meet up! Small world!

  2. Julia is my cousin! I wondered if you two would ever meet up! Small world!

  3. Char, we want to do this with you when we are there in April!

  4. Hilariously cheesy! Don't you get bored of doing these "charming" sponsored reviews?

    1. I really enjoy them & find them interesting & useful.

  5. Beautiful photos :)
    Maria V.

  6. Wow, this looks absolutely brill.:)

    The food looks lovely & the fact that you get to do it on a Routemaster bus & see so many parts of London is even better.

    I'd never heard of this tour before, I'd love to go on it myself.

    I couldn't work out at first what you meant by a thermos - I was looking for a flask - then I realised what you meant.

    I know what you mean about crackers - very British. Actually, I've noticed on your Mum's blog etc that a lot of your family have crackers on Christmas day - & wear the hat. I love how you all keep that tradition.

  7. Ha ha, this looks silly but also really fun. I want to go on an afternoon tea bus tour with you!