do you ever wake up and just feel tender?

this past sunday, i woke up feeling so tender. not really sad or worried or melancholy, just a bit raw and sore in the heart.  as i got dressed, the sabbath day bells from st. martin’s in the field swept in through our walls like an invitation and i decided to take a walk past the church and to the national gallery. as i stepped out our red door onto our street, the bells pealing louder and more melodic, the slower sunday energy of the city filled me up. i sat on the stairs of trafalgar square with a straight-shot view down to big ben and let my heart be still. when the bells finished their anthem, i went into the national gallery and headed straight for the impressionism rooms.

the stripes and swirls of paint – set in gold frames and on rich grey walls – felt like a sweet soothing balm seeping into my tenderness. art, creation, colour, beauty – it comforted me, it filled me.

IMG_7780 IMG_7763
i thought this sentiment in the mosaic floor at the entrance of the national gallery was very appropriate for that novemeber sunday morning – “rest and be thankful.” ^^
^^ don’t you just want to walk right into those luscious scenes? it’s amazing how monet has made these materials so much more than paint on canvas. ^^
^^ a van gogh i’ve never seen in flesh or print. isn’t it gorgeous?! ^^
^^ and other…crabs! the colours are fabulous. ^^

there is beauty all around. especially around the corner from our flat at the national gallery :)


  1. Beauty makes such a difference in our lives---what a blessing! Thank-you.

  2. Just love it. Wish I was there with you! That would be soothing!

  3. It appears that I was in Trafalgar Square not long before you on Sunday morning - it was a very beautiful day in London.