burg hohenzollern


the very last stop on our christmas markets road trip was not a christmas market, but a spectacular castle! hohenzollern blew us away! and i liked it even more than neuschwanstein. we were very nearly the only people there and it was a brilliant sunny day and the castle was so majestic! we explored the grounds, ate german food in the castle restaurant, went on a tour of the interior, and then hiked up to a viewpoint.

check this place out!!

IMG_0315 IMG_0326IMG_0316IMG_0318IMG_0319 IMG_0345

click through for more pictures…!

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^^ i couldn’t get over all the turrets and towers (clearly). and then the stunning details like these doors! ^^
IMG_0356 IMG_0360
^^ two chapels on the grounds: one catholic, one protestant. ^^
^^ we had to wait an hour for our tour to start, so we had a delicious german meal at the castle restaurant. it was really wonderful! ^^
^^ these pictures i lifted from a google search, because we weren’t allowed to take photographs inside. i absolutely looooved the inside of the castle. so vivid in colour and detailed in gorgeous gothic style! we learned really interesting things about prussian royalty and got to wear these awesome bootie slippers that kept the floor clean. ^^
IMG_0385 IMG_0386IMG_0388IMG_0456IMG_0406IMG_0404IMG_0425IMG_0439IMG_0451IMG_0454
^^ tricky lighting for a photo, but such a glorious sight!

after a quick stop back at the basel christmas market to see it lit up at night (it was perfectly magical, but i left my camera in the car), we flew back to london and got to our flat about 1am.

i’m really thankful for a husband that will go to nearly a dozen christmas markets with me and patiently endure all my excitement :) it has been a really fun year for us learning how to travel together. we make a pretty fantastic pair. we are really fortunate to be able to explore so much of this amazingly diverse earth that we love.


  1. The castle looks pretty spectacular. There's so much history in Europe, and so many more adventures.

    Wishing you both the best for 2016.

  2. woah! I wish I can go here. I really want to see a real castle. There's so huge and very majestic!! I like your photos!


  3. FYI: The food isn't German but Swabian (schwäbisch; That's what our region is called). A German from Northern Germany doesn't (typically) eat the combination of lentils and Spätzle. The dish on the right is called "Maultaschen". Another name is "Hergottsb'scheißerle" which means things that pull a fast one on God. Legend is that they have been invented because the meat in it is hidden and so they can be eaten on Fridays (meat wasn't allowed on Fridays due to Jesus' death on a Friday).