countdown to christmas–with brigia!


ian’s brother brigham and his wife lucia (you can call them brigia) came to london for a few days leading up to christmas. it was so so great to have family in town and spend time with them. before they headed to luci’s uncle’s house in surrey on christmas eve, we took them on some fantastic londonchristmas adventures.

on monday, we went to winter wonderland – a huge fun fair and market in hyde park. it was crowded and chaotic and pretty awesome.

IMG_0458IMG_0484 IMG_0470IMG_0462

later that night, while the boys went to see the new star wars film, lucia and i wandered through mayfair to see and photograph all the dazzling christmas light displays strung over oxford, regents, bond and carnaby streets. we also popped into liberty london, which just has to be the most beautiful department store in the whole wide world, and was supremely dolled up for christmastime.

IMG_0464 IMG_0490IMG_0465IMG_0468IMG_0477IMG_0481IMG_0493 IMG_0499IMG_0500

on tuesday afternoon, ian took a little break from work and walked up the street to meet us at st. paul’s cathedral. we climbed to the top of the dome and took in the views among super strong and chilly wind. the cloudy london twilight was sparkly and merry. and the inside of that cathedral! it’s so so stunning! and really fun to see looking down from the dome.

IMG_0504IMG_0505IMG_0507IMG_0511IMG_0513IMG_0514IMG_0525 IMG_0528

that night we shared a gigantic pizza from homeslice – my absolute favourite london food find. there is just something about that pizza that kills me it is so insanely delicious.


and then we went ice skating at sommerset house! it was totally raining during our time slot and we got completely drenched. i absolutely loved it – i felt so alive and happy skating through those puddles in that enchanting courtyard all lit up with lights and music. we all had a really good time despite the wetness. it was a really awesome adventure.


on wednesday morning, we took brigia to borough market, which somehow is even more marvelous than usual with all that christmassyness in the air. we all thoroughly enjoyed our bread ahead donuts (the beeeeest!) and luci, who is a food blogger, was in heaven with all the displays of culinary wonders.

IMG_0533 IMG_0536IMG_0541

later, to work off that delectible donut, i took a run to buckingham palace, through green park and down picadilly. the streets of christmas eve eve were buzzing with thick excitement and christmas spirit and twinkle lights and shoppers. i couldn’t help stopping in fortnum & mason and admiring the window displays, gorgeous festive decorations and all the lovely last-minute shopping chaos.


that evening, after brigia had left (sad face), the boy and i went to a carols by candlelight program at royal albert hall! i’ve always wanted to go inside that magnificent building, ever since i first saw it as a little girl. the interior, as well as the whole event, was splendid. it was pretty powerful to sing carols with 5200 people in that huge hall with that majestic organ. i felt completely full-up on christmas spirit and happy to the brim!

IMG_8061 (1)  IMG_2748

thanks for coming to visit us, brigia! and thanks for alll the magic, londonchristmastime!


  1. So many new and lovely experiences! How wonderful to make such fantastic memories in your new home.

  2. Fantastic pix of the Christmas lights & decs in London. They look so pretty. You've taken some great pix. You'll have to give some tips on that sometime, please.:)

    I especially like the picture of the Route Master bus. I miss those, the new ones aren't the same.

    Happy New Year's Eve to you & Ian. Have a lovely time if you're going to watch the London Eye fireworks, they're fantastic. Whatever you're doing tho have a brill time.