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on tuesday night we went to the nutcracker at the royal opera house! since tickets sold out completely last month, i had to wait in line for two hours (with a super nice friend) to get day-of tickets. watching the absolutely splendid performance was worth every second of queueing in the cold. unfortunately the boy could only stay for the first half, as he had to go back to the office (it’s the busiest time of the year for he and his team), but at least he got to see the best part (the snow scene, which always makes me tear up!). i love the nutcracker so, so, so, so, so much! to me, there’s just nothing like being mesmerized by that music and dancing and magical story. the royal opera house is stunning, and i loved that we could see the whole orchestra from our seats.


and last night we went to dinner at the churchill arms, which has become one of my favourite spots in london. in summer this corner pub is exploding in flower boxes (see evidence here) and in december it’s exploding in fairy-lighted christmas trees. it’s actually a thai restaurant (so random!) and we enjoyed yummy curries with our friends julia and matthew. the inside of this place is totally wild – it’s packed with people, plants, framed pictures of butterflies, heavily dripping candles, and right now a few more christmas trees. it’s pretty neat!

it has been a festive week! i love this time of year so very much! and it’s so fun to experience in londontown! i have to keep reminding myself that we will be here for several christmasmases so i can chill out about seeing and doing everything christmassy around here (there’s so much magic!).
happy almost weekend!


  1. There is an indescribable feeling while watching The Nutcracker! I'm sure it was an amazing performance. Thanks for sharing the picture.

  2. I really want to watch a performance in an opera house. I'm sure it was incredible! I like the Thai restaurant. They look so festive!


  3. Gorgeous, creative...so....London!