some backroads in austria


we decided to take the scenic route from vienna to nuremburg. good move.

somehow (we missed a turn-off somewhere) we ended up on some tiny backroads through spectacular landscape on our way to the little fairytale village of hallstatt.

hallstatt was just as charming and lovely as can be, perched on its mountain lake. sooo quiet and peaceful and crisp in the cold winter air. there was a little bit of snow on the ground outside the main village, which delighted us.

and more frosty roads with mountain views at sunset on our way up to germany were a perfect kiss goodnight. we got to the epic nuremburg christkindlesmarkt about 7:30…pictures of that magic and more coming next!

IMG_9807IMG_9812IMG_9825IMG_9833IMG_9835 IMG_9848IMG_9841IMG_9849 IMG_9850IMG_9852IMG_9857 IMG_9856IMG_9853IMG_9866IMG_9869IMG_9873IMG_9883IMG_9888IMG_9896IMG_9902

love you, austria!


  1. Gorgeous! What a lovely Christmas adventure! So magical!

  2. Hallstatt is one of my favorite towns! It was so magical.