lumiere london


a little break in posting about our weekend english heritage roadtrip to say … i love living in london.

i seriously love it so, so, so much. there are times when i am walking around the city and i just really cannot believe that this is my life. we just hit six months – a whole half year! – in london, and we are so glad we are here.

last week before we headed down to the southeast, we took a glorious stroll around our neighborhood to see lumiere london with our friends dave and loira. lumiere london was a series of light-based art installations put up around the city for just a few days. roads were blocked off to traffic and filled with pedestrians looking around and up to enjoy colourful and creative spots in the dark sky. given our severe lack of daylight hours up here in jolly old england, and the let down after christmas decorations were destrung, the timing of lumiere was perfect! and this kind of thing is totally up my alley – i love, love, loved it!

we met dave and loira in trafalgar square and went to see about ten of the installations that were walkable. it was freeeezing cold that night, but we had such a great time! i realized at our first stop that i had no memory card in my camera (oops!) so i had to resort to iphone pictures, which certainly don’t capture the sheer coolness of this stuff! but the energy in the frosty streets was pretty electrifying. it was a really fun night.

IMG_8140IMG_8143IMG_8146 IMG_8149IMG_8152IMG_8164IMG_8165 IMG_8169
^^ these fish kites were among my very favourite sites at lumiere. their movement was mesmerizing! ^^
^^ amazing projection on a beautiful building in mayfair. ^^
IMG_8200 IMG_8203
^^ this one looked and sounded like some kind of video game. it was really amusing to watch! ^^
^^ constantly, gradually changing colours against the black of night. loved this sooo much. ^^
IMG_8202 IMG_8204IMG_1348


while we were on our roadtrip a couple of days after our lumiere stroll, loira sent me photos of the projection installation at westminister abbey, one of the pieces we didn’t get to together. i was enamored by those photos and decided the boy and i must walk down to westminister abbey after we got home sunday night to see it!

we did, and we were absolutely blown away. all of this colouring (on our favourite building in london) is from a light projection! even from right up close it looks so unbelievably like super vivid paint on the stone. the colours were constantly changing on the towers and we were completely spellbound watching with hundreds of other in-awe spectators. i’m so glad we made it down to the abbey to see this before all the installations were taken down the next morning.

IMG_1355IMG_1351 IMG_1346IMG_1349IMG_1359 IMG_1360IMG_1361 

intense creativity and colour in the dark night sky – so rad. i love living in london.


  1. Fabulous!!!! I love London, too.

  2. These pictures are wonderful. How long will you and Ian be living in London. Such an amazing adventure for you both.