small, simple joys


on monday before getting ready for bed, the boy and i walked up our street and around the corner to a gelato shoppe for a little treat. after we chose our flavours, we were presented with pretty gelato flowers on our cones!

on a bit of a dreary day last week, i noticed how perfectly beautiful and wonderfully whimsical the descending red tulips on our little kitchen table were, a pop of gorgeous colour admist some drab.


there are so many small and simple joys around. i want to continually notice and relish them.
life is beautiful!

{arkwork by katie daisy}


  1. Ahhhhh did you guys go to Amorino's for the gelato?!?!?

    1. yesss! thanks for the heads up! next time i'm getting the gelato filled macaron, but get this - macarons have been entirely unappealing to me lately. super weird. the gelato was so good but i'm pretty sure making it into a flower made it taste 10x better...

    2. Excuse me, but I told you to go to Amorino's when I was there last summer! :)

    3. haha, definitely completely forgot that...
      come baaaaaack!!!