valentines in prague

^^ the boy often requests that we do a “dipping picture.” i’m not sure why he loves this pose so much, but i kind of love that he loves it :) it seemed appropriate for valentine’s day in prague. this was a particularly fun dip picture to do because the girl who we asked to take it completely squealed in delight when we dipped. and then when we saw the reactions of the people around us in the photo, we giggled so hard! ^^
^^ and i guess we were drunk enough on valentines love that taking a kissing selfie in the middle of the old town square didn’t seem completely ridiculous, as it probably normally should :) i love this boy so so much! ^^

here’s a last batch of photos from our prague trip. it was pretty fun to be in such a romantic city for valentine’s day. ian was so sweet to plan everything to help us celebrate our love.

on saturday morning, we took a run to the old town square and climbed the clock tower for some more birds’ eye views over prague. of the five towers we went to the top of, this one was my favourite. the vistas were just so dreamy!

^^ we took this picture right before we headed down the tower to continue our run, and i tripped on a cobblestone and took an epic fall in the middle of the old town square. it left me with some pretty gnarly wounds that will still be healing for quite a while, and made me worry that everything helping our baby grow was still attached and working! all is well and now it’s just kind of a great memory of biffing it in prague :) ^^

after showering and eating back at the hotel, we got back on our feet and walked all the way down the river to the vysehrad area, which is an old fort on a hill that includes a gorgeous neo-gothic church. there were some colourful sites along the way and we even happened upon an awesome farmers’ market on the banks of the rivier.

^^ this graffiti wall is dedicated to john lennon and was huge! definitely just realized that it says be naked right above my head – haha! we’ll say it’s there to inspire us all to be our real, authentic (naked) selves, physically clothed :) ^^
^^ i spy the dancing house! ^^
^^ love love these colourful buildings down every street! ^^
^^ and the reflection in the water! ^^
IMG_8818 IMG_8819IMG_8825 IMG_8829
^^ my favourite of the churches we saw in prague. that doorway is divine! ^^

we headed back across the charles bridge (seriously, i’m obsessed), and climbed the tower at the opposite side (we’d done the other charles bridge tower the day before and bought a combo ticket).


and then we headed up petrin hill and climbed yet another tower (okay, we took the elevator on this last one…) for a further back view across the city, glimmering in the night! i know – lots of tops-of-towers! but each vantage point was unique and totally fun to experience.


on sunday morning we headed to church. man, i love going to church in new places … it is always a highlight of any weekend trip. a couple from the congregation i grew up in happened to be serving a mission in prague and we sat next to them during church meetings – so fun to see familiar faces! after church we stumbled upon a beautiful park with lovely views over the city (yep, yet again!) and up to the castle.

IMG_8907 IMG_8911IMG_8912IMG_8955

we walked back into the old town square for lunch. in prague we ate almost every meal at a charming outdoor cafe, most of which had cozy blankets at each seat and nice heat lamps to keep us toasty warm. even when there was available seating inside, we just loved being in the open air of this magical city. we had some pretty tasty czech food! the setting for our sunday lunch afforded our best outdoor eating experience in prague – it doesn’t get much better than a rooftop terrace!

IMG_8936IMG_8939 IMG_8942IMG_8943
^^ the view from lunch ^^
^^ there was another bubble man street performer in the town square on sunday. don’t you just love these facades?! ^^ it was such a gorgeous sunny day and we sat in the middle of the square and did our planning session for the week ahead.

we finished off our trip with more wandering through the different neighborhoods of prague. we strolled through the jewish quarter and then back up around the castle, down the charmingest streets with suuuuuper pretty buildings everywhere. we had one last outdoor meal and then headed to the airport to go home to london.


well … i think i took and shared enough photos from prague!! but krikee it is such a cool place. holding its spot in my heart as my favourite european city … for now! prague was the perfect place to celebrate our love on valentine’s weekend. have i mentioned that i really, really, really love the boy?! he’s the best – so glad and grateful he’s mine!


  1. Your haircut looks terrific!

    1. oh, you're nice. but it really is quite bad - to me :) i've gotten better at figuring out how to style it, but there are the weirdest blunt chunkylayers. when my hair is up i have to use loooads of pins - and my number one instruction for the stylist was that i could pull it all back without any pins haha! it blends and grows a bit more everyday, so it's all good :)

    2. In all honesty, I agree with green. When I saw the first picture, I immediately thought that I liked your hair!

      Not that I'm saying I didn't like it before though!

  2. Horrible that you fell. Glad the baby is ok. Please think twice about climbing towers and running for the next little while, please.

    1. well, i'll probably just avoid running *on cobblestones* :)

    2. Vigorous exercise, including climbing and running, is absolutely fine during pregnancy. Tumbles happen! The ladies who exercise in a similar fashion to how they exercise pre-pregnancy usually end up with an easier labour and recovery. Sounds like exercise and activity make you happy. Happy Mother, happy baby. Good job Charity!

  3. Sounds delightful. I am so glad your little one is okay, and that you are too.

  4. Love the pictures- especially the nighttime with all the lights. So pretty.
    I was laughing too, at all the expressions on the people's faces when you did the dip pose. :) Your fall on the cobblestones reminded me of when I was pregnant with my first in Germany. I was playing an "easy" game of tennis and went down hard (flat on my back...and wrist) when I stepped into what must have been an oil slick! I had the same concerns for my little one. Luckily, she was fine. Hope your wounds mend quickly and glad you had such a wonderful Valentine's weekend. *Super awesome that you recognized some faces at church! What a small world. Lisa

  5. Awww! Such a happy Valentine`s post! Thank you for sharing, also for the beautiful pictures. I LOVE sharing this day with my husband-such a sweet day.
    Random question: what is a planning session?

  6. noting your très english spelling of certain words, i half-expected to read, in your caption under the churches in prague, that "that doourway is divine!" :) love your style and deeply admire your irrepressible vim.

  7. You guys are the cutest couple. It looks like a magical trip and a magical day. PS I'm going to totally copy your idea of switching off planning valentine's and anniversary's - so much less stressful.

  8. Congratulations Charity and Ian On your pregnancy.
    Did you conceive your baby under the new covenant of sexual intercourse. I have heard many Temple worthy couples have sex with their Masonic Temple Underwear on and then they conceive their children.Your holy garments are a symbol of the Sacred ornaments that Ian and you took in the Holy Temple. Do you Mormon's actually believe that your Spirit Children are waiting. When Ian was inpregnating you Charity did your baby cry out Charity and Ian I want to be born in your Cult like Family yes to many Christian believers you are not considered a Christian religion. We considered the Mormanism is a Religion Cult. You are deceived Charity and Ian. This is what many Christians believe. Although you Mormons are fun-loving people but are deceived by Satan. Please study what those Masonic symbols on your Sacred garments mean. Charity sacred name You have been called a new name when you were endowed. Why would you want to be eternally married to Ian and become a God Jesus Christ is the true God not you becoming God having sexual intercourse in Heaven with Ian. I do not even believe Ian is capable of love with a woman he is too feminine Dad is strong and he is a little feminine-womanish but there s hope for poor femme Ian. Why is your 40 ish brother not married yet? He is far more masculine than your husband.
    He would make a great husband for any lady. Your Dad is great man maybe he can teach Ian not to be so gay.
    God Bless Charity,

    1. Anonymous. It is best to check facts and use reliable sources for information. Spreading ugliness and negativity gets you know where. Constructive and sincere conversation is heard. Destructive conversation falls on deaf ears.

    2. Oh my Anonymous, your comment is very inappropriate. I realize that this is a public forum, but there certainly isn't a need to be vulgar in your assumptions (which are very wrong I might add) and then actually question someone about things that are so personal and really not up for discussion. I agree with Sydney. Being respectful, using thoughtful questions and being more restrained in language and tone would get more honest answers and discussion.

  9. What an exciting time of life. Prague is beautiful.....and what a magical place to spend Valentines weekend. Gorgeous photos.

  10. I LOVE this post! The pics are amazing and I've got to get back to Prague!!

  11. Wow looks like you had an amazing time! Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited, I so want to go back!! x