london lately


i had to take a quick break from posting about our trip in the holy land to share some tidbits of life in london lately! because especially with spring peaking in, it’s just so good!

our flight home from tel aviv got in to luton airport just after midnight on saturday night, so by the time we got home it was 2:30am. since we didn’t have church the following day (it was general conference weekend!), it was so nice to be able to sleep in a little bit! once we got moving a bit, i decided to take a little sunday walk under the grey sky to waterloo bridge to reacquaint myself with the city we call home and love so dearly. as i snapped the photos above (^^) of the views on either side of the bridge, i felt so so happy to be home, and so so glad that london is home!

and since that first day back, we’ve had a few mornings and afternoons of glorious sunshine! it’s been a wild couple of weeks because work has been busy for us both, the boy took on some more service opportunities at church, and baby prep is starting to get really real! here’s some snapshots from life around here lately:

^^ after a few weeks off, it feels so good to be back on the mat at yoga class! i walk through china town to get to yoga, and i love the colourful lanterns and gates! ^^
IMG_8633 IMG_8636
^^ our dear friend melinda came to town for a couple of days! it was a treat for me to see her, especially because we had so recently spent time together in amsterdam, and it was also fun to ian to catch up with her. in between work meetings i got to have some london adventures with melinda, the last of which was getting some scones and tea at the darling little bakery across the street from our flat. ^^
IMG_8619 liberty 2
^^ melinda and i also went to liberty, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful store in the entire world. it’s just so fun to browse among all the pretty, pretty things. how about those flowers at the entrance?! ^^
IMG_8631 IMG_8632
^^ and we strolled along marylebone high street, popping into a few baby stores! if only this adorable stuff wasn’t uber expensive!! still fun to look at in anticipation of baby boy’s arrival and while on the hunt for stuff that’s a bit cheaper :) ^^
^^ a divinely sunny morning at trafalgar square!! ^^
IMG_8623 IMG_8629
^^ i at last cashed in on one of the gifts ian gave me for christmas – tickets to see les mis in april! he splurged and got us really good seats (first row of the lower balcony, which i think is always the best spot in the theater!) and we were both blown away by the performance, which was hugely powerful. i’m a lifelong lover of the story and music of les miserables, a huge fan of the book, and a very enthusiastic musical-watcher – so this was a goooood night for me! there were a lot of chills and a few tears for sure! (ian really, really loved it too!) ^^
IMG_8650 IMG_8655
^^ kingly court, a colourful small plaza off of carnaby street, is where the yoga studio i go to is located. it’s such a fun little corner of london! ^^
^^ gingerbread houses in leicester square. ^^
IMG_8672 IMG_8677
^^ two days ago it was warm enough outside for me to wear this ^^ to work – no coat and no tights!! i was very excited so i snapped a couple photos and texted them to ian. baby boy was happy about the spring weather too! he has been moving around like crazy. i looooove that sensation and am feeling quite sad actually that i’m nearly 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy! ^^
^^ i see some version of this pretty much anytime i walk from our flat to work. i’m pretty sure he was about to start juggling machetes :) covent garden is always buzzing with street performers and crowds and life! especially when the sun is out. ^^
^^ after stopping by to see a friend (who just had twins!) i walked through hyde park and oodled over the blossoming trees. i decided i had to come back the next day to spend more time amongst that beauty! ^^
so i took the tube yesterday to south kensington and then ran (okay, combo ran/walked – baby boy is slowing me down a little!) through kensington gardens, hyde park, green park, and st. james’s park back home. it was outrageously beautiful and i was absolutely euphoric. i mean…check these (bad-quality, don’t-do-it-justice) photos out!:
IMG_8703 IMG_8705IMG_8708 IMG_8714IMG_8710IMG_8733IMG_8711IMG_8743IMG_8748IMG_8747 IMG_8762IMG_8755
when ian got home from work, we ate dinner and then quickly grabbed some rental bikes (which are all over in london - i love it) and cruised back through the parks, chasing daylight, so i could share this wonder and prettiness with him! it was one of those magical slices of time full of beauty and love and happiness. we are so excited for spring and summer!!
IMG_8696 IMG_8763
^^ and some indoor flowers to cap off this post. the boy always makes sure we have fresh flowers in our flat by picking some up on the way home from work every week or so. aren’t these sublime? they were totally closed when ian bought them and within 36 hours they are bloomed like crazy! ^^

life is beautiful! my parents are coming to town today and we are hoping some of this lovely weather sticks around for their visit!

have a happy weekend!


  1. i can't wait to come to london with my baby and explore! i find out gender tomorrow so we can then plan on bff's or future marriage. love you!

  2. Love all the spring time beauty. Such fantastic pops of color. Also, adore the tea pots. The pots are as beautiful as the gardens.

  3. Such a cheery post! Love seeing all of London's gorgeous flowers and your cute tummy!

  4. You've probably already answered this at some point, but what kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are always so awesome! Love following your adventures, btw:)

  5. Oh, I remember that baby store in Marlybone street. Isn't it unreal? When I was there, all I wanted to do was to get rich, get pregnant, and then spend all my money there. Also, love that you guys get flowers every week. So worth it.

  6. Kingly court is amazing! You should try out the Peruvian (Senor Ceviche) on level 1, it's delicious!