a lunch cruise on the thames!

on christmas morning, the boy gave me an envelope with three tickets in it. one was for a trip to prague (which we took in february). one was for a saturday night showing of les miserables (which we enjoyed in april). and one was for a lunch cruise on the thames (which we experienced last saturday!). talk about a gift that kept on giving! :)

since the lunch cruise was long anticipated, we were pretty excited about it by saturday morning … and so glad that our reservations fell on such a warm weekend! although the sky had clouded up by afternoon, the air was balmy and lovely and just right for a ride along the river! the boat we were on was almost completely made of windows and we enjoyed a yummy three-course meal while watching the city that we love and call home glide by on either side.

here’s some shots i captured through the windows of iconic london sights along the way … the perspective was definitely a bit different being down in the water!IMG_2136_thumbIMG_2141_thumbIMG_2149_thumbIMG_2151_thumbIMG_2157_thumbIMG_2160_thumbIMG_2163_thumbIMG_2172_thumb

this special lunch was a welcome break in the middle of the day for ian, who spend thirteen hours on saturday studying for the cfa exam.


after our boat returned to embankment pier and we started walking home, we noticed the blooming flowers in whitehall gardens and decided we had to take a few more minutes away from studying to admire them. london parks are just magnificent in the springtime!

IMG_2199_thumbIMG_2192_thumbIMG_2208_thumbIMG_2203_thumb1 IMG_2226_thumb2IMG_2215_thumbIMG_2219_thumbIMG_8914

and then it was back to this

ian is such a champ – putting in long hours at the office, contributing significant time to a new church responsibility, helping with prep for baby boy, continuing to make time for our relationship and supporting me in my work, and to top it all off: studying like crazy for the cfa. the exam is in three and a half weeks and is going to be pretty grueling (and is only the first round in a set of three tests that ian will take over the next three years). luckily part one will be over and done with by early june so we’re left with a month of a biiiit more free time before baby boy makes his arrival.

life is full and beautiful! we love our city and we love each other.


  1. I love English parks in the spring time!

  2. Love the flower photos - beautiful colors!! And you look terrific - love the dress!

  3. Lovely pix.

    The pink flowers match your dress:)

  4. Charity,

    Looks like y'all had a lovely time.

    Good luck to your hubby on his exam,

  5. Love this place and these two people!

  6. Love this place and these two people!


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