chelsea in bloom!

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this week i spent a bit of time in chelsea, one of my favourite london neighborhoods. chelsea is always pretty dreamy, but it is especially lovely this week because the streets are filled with incredible flower arrangements. about forty shops around sloane square are participating in “chelsea in bloom,” in connection with the famous chelsea flower show, and have mind-blowing displays of blossoms in and around their storefronts. when i first heard about chelsea in bloom, i obviously knew i had to go check it out and snap some photos to share the beauty!

i love this city more and more and more. every season seems to beat out the last. i am so glad this is our family’s home right now.

and i hope the creativity and beauty i tried to capture in these photos helps a few out there feel happy today! the combo of god-made and man-made art is so wonder-ful.

IMG_2451IMG_2371IMG_2364IMG_2366 IMG_2378IMG_2374IMG_2375 IMG_2400IMG_2381IMG_2387 IMG_2416IMG_2407IMG_2391 IMG_2396IMG_2397IMG_2406IMG_2427IMG_2412 IMG_2418IMG_2389IMG_2420IMG_2422IMG_2431IMG_2434IMG_2445 IMG_2373IMG_2453IMG_2455IMG_2459 IMG_2464IMG_2472 IMG_2471IMG_2474 IMG_2480IMG_2462 IMG_2494IMG_2484 IMG_2492IMG_2505IMG_2499 IMG_2513IMG_2510IMG_2460IMG_2519

i love you, london! and you too, flowers!!


  1. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing and adding happiness into my day today!

  2. Astonishing! Loved seeing this! I guess it will be gone by the time I get there. Darn!


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