piran, slovenia won our hearts!


i am so, so glad we happened to hear about the seaside town of piran, slovenia and quite impulsively make the drive there from lake bled. piran oozes with all the charm and colour and cuteness of more well-known mediterranean villages and has some fantastic bonuses including: outrageous views across the ocean to the italian alps, the most incredulously clear water, hardly any crowds of tourists, and a special kind of slovenian charisma.

we decided to stay in piran for one night after we arrived in bratislava. because the boy is definitely a plan-ahead kind of guy, this was really unusal for us! we booked a (super cheap! shoulder season + slovenian prices = bargain!) sea-view room about twenty hours before we arrived in piran, and it worked out so great! we arrived when it was totally dark, and this is what we woke up to, looking out from our balcony:IMG_1603
we decided to go for a run along the path that led from this alcove where our hotel was located to the town centre of piran…and this is what we saw as we started along our route:
photographs really can’t do the view across the adriatic to those majestic snow-capped peaks justice! it was seriously breathtaking. we ate breakfast, showered and changed, and headed into the the heart of piran along the same path, stopping to try to capture an itty bit of the spectacle along the way…
IMG_1612 IMG_1614
and check out the insane clarity of that teal water! ^^

we went straight to the city walls, which the staff at our hotel suggested we visit. it was free to go up to the top and marvel at the views over piran’s red rooftops covering this little penninsula jutting into the sea. quite the sight!!

IMG_1620IMG_1631 IMG_1634

we wandered through the village’s adorable, well-worn, narrow streets …

IMG_1642 IMG_1691

… to the daaaaarling central square …


… where (of course!) there was a fantastic little saturday farmer’s market going on. and, tucked in the corner, a beautiful small harbor full of boats stuffed with fishing nets.

IMG_1650IMG_1651 IMG_1654IMG_1652IMG_1657IMG_1658IMG_1664IMG_1671

there was more lovliness around the next corner: a little seaside boulevard lined with cafes, gelaterias, and pasel facades leading to a lighthouse …


and those distant mountains again around the next corner! yep, by that point piran had totally won our hearts.


we meandered up a few more charming alleys - perfectly picturesque with their bright paint and pretty shutters and hanging laundry and/or flag banners – on our way out of town back to our car at the hotel.

IMG_1686 IMG_1688IMG_1696 IMG_1700IMG_1702IMG_1704
^^ can’t get over how clear the water is! ^^
^^ our hotel across the bay ^^

piran is the pleasantest surprise! i’m so so happy we got to experience a taste of it, and on such a sunny day.


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  2. Hi, Charity, I have been reading your blog for a while, but never commented before. Had to today, though, as I am writing this from... Piran! It's nice to hear you liked our little town and lovely to see it through your eyes. There's plenty more beautiful places to see in Slovenia, so do come again! All the best to you all (you two + baby).

  3. The water is beautiful!! Did you put your toes in? Was it warm or really cold?