raining pink petals


last sunday, after attending a church conference, the boy and i walked hand in hand to hyde park to have a picnic. it was about seventy five degrees (still working on my fahrenheit to celsius conversion!) and sunny with a slight spring breeze – truly the most perfect day outside.

when we got to the park, we scanned the area for a good spot to sit and eat, and soon spotted a patch of grass under a cluster of magnificent cherry blossom trees. we set out our blanket, pulled out our food, and quickly realized we certainly must have picked the absolute best setting for a sunday picnic when a gentle gust of wind came by and the all the air around us filled with dancing pink petals. ahhh! we were both completely enchanted, and i lifted my face to the sky and held out my arms in exultation.

thus began four long, lazy, sunny hours of snacking and chatting and cuddling under the cherry blossom trees, our hearts quite delirious with gladness. every once in a while the breeze gave us a show of petals and it was all just dreamy. the boy read aloud to me a tender letter he had written me for mother’s day. we laid on our blanket and watched the sun flutter through the blossoms. we visited with some friends that had come from the same church meeting and found the same glorious spot. we felt the baby move together and made goals and plans for the week ahead and called our moms back home in america.

IMG_2254IMG_2259 IMG_2263IMG_2271
^^ we took off our shoes and socks and tie and they were sprinkled with petals! ^^
^^ we weren’t the only people who thought a picnic in hyde park was a good idea that balmy sunday! we saw crowds like this alllll over the park on our walk to the tube. yet somehow our pink petal haven had remained uncrowded! ^^

it was one of the most superbly wonderful afternoons i’ve ever had. every once in a while life gifts a genuinely perfect slice of time.


  1. I always want to sing the Popcorn when I see cherry blossom trees in full bloom. It's so hard at times to stand there & not do the actions:)

    I still say fahrenheit & often don't understand when people say temps in celsius. I'm also that way with 1bs & oz, rather than kgs etc.


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