a shower for baby boy


my sister saydi just sent me pictures she took at the baby shower that was thrown for me a few weeks ago, and i’m just feeling so, so sunny remembering that perfectly lovely morning spent with dear friends old and new, celebrating baby boy.

(like i wrote about back here,) it meant so, so much to me when my beloved friend amy offered to organize a shower for me here in london, and when two of my sisters surprised me by coming over the pond to attend. our friend rachel (whose family the boy and i met because they had hosted our niece when she lived in london last summer, and whom have absolutely loved getting to know) hosted the shower at her beautiful flat in st. john’s wood. the morning was full of delicious brunch, spring sunshine streaming through the windows, wonderful women, giggling girls (rachel’s four along with three of amy’s four, who have become fast friends), gifts and advice, and lots of love.

it was sublime. 

the day before the shower, after some exploring around mayfair (including a trip to the world’s most beautiful store, liberty!)…
IMG_6972 IMG_7001IMG_6990
… saydi, saren and i headed out to writtle, the darling little village northeast of london where amy and her family live, to have a sleepover and help with prep for the shower the next morning. amy, rob and the girls took us on a twilight walk to the hylands estate near their home after dinner. such a gorgeous place – and check out that wisteria!
IMG_7052 IMG_7068
in the morning, esther curled my hair for me and mila gave me a little massage (while elsa found some blush to put on my cheeks – haha!). what a treat! we had kind of a crazy journey driving in to london (it included a lot of traffic and a little bit of barf…) and then scrambled to get things ready at rachel’s by the time other guests arrived. it all turned out so beautifully – look at this spread!!
IMG_7098IMG_7103 IMG_7109
the flowers amy ordered and had saren arrange were so stunning!
i’m so grateful for the friends i have made in london. building friendships here in our new home has been a bit tricky for me in a few ways, but i’m so glad i’ve been able to meet and get to know some really wonderful women here. it was so nice of many of these new friends to come celebrate baby boy with me. we all enjoyed our food and each other’s company, and then saydi and saren requested that each attendee give a bit of advice along with their gift.
there were some really darling and useful gifts and some really fantastic advice given, but by far the best contribution was from the schwartz and crofts girls, who wrote me a song of advice as their gift and performed it for us all. i really don’t know when my heart has been more warmed in my life – it was the sweetest, sweetest thing.
esther, amy’s oldest (the ukulele accompanist!), later texted me the lyrics that the girls had carefully crafted – and i have to share!
charity is gonna be / a very good mom as you can see / charity is oh so sweet / she’s gonna go down in history
make your child happy / with lots of candy! / make your child happy / with lots of candy!
play with your child hide & seek / lay down with him when he goes to sleep / always play soccer with your child / then you’ll see how it makes him smile / make sure he gets a daily routine / then you’ll be the mom of his dreams / read your child books at night / then he will sleep extra tight / always give your child a hug / especially when he has a stomach bug
make your child happy / with lots of candy! / make your child happy / with lots of candy!
our moms are the very best / and charity will come and join the rest / charity is gonna be / a very good mom as you can see

20160514_CHARITY- -CAMDEN_019_DSC_9455 IMG_7139
can you even handle that?! most darling thing ever. i love these girls with all of my heart!
IMG_7117 IMG_7147
^^ the girls also pulled all the blue m&ms out of the bowl and painted their lips blue in honor of baby boy. haha! ^^
i’m so thankful to these four incredible women ^^ - not only for throwing me the loveliest baby shower, but also for being such amazing examples of motherhood and such dear friends to me.
^^ aaaaand, those flowers, though! amy let me bring them home and the boy and i appreciated them for a week after the shower! ^^

i’m still not over the fact that my sisters surprised me and came all the way across the pond to help me celebrate and prepare for baby boy’s arrival. it was just the best! IMG_7433


  1. Sisters are great! A few more weeks until that guy gets here!! I can't believe it's June and July is just around the corner.

  2. Wow, that song is darling! That is some solid mothering advice in my opinion. I feel like it is so easy to get caught up in what our kids "need" and forget what really matters to them...hugs, stories, someone to nap with, routine, attention, us...plain and simple. When the world starts asking what two languages immersion programs we have chosen for them at six months and what university we are saving up for at three, it is easy to get stressed! Good luck with your upcoming birth...I thought the experience was incredible, terrible and beautiful all in one...and worth every bit it required.

  3. How extra special. The words to the song and the girls who sang for you---precious beyond words.

  4. How incredibly fun to see all these pictures for real...and to see the words of the song that those darling girls composed. Amy and Rachel are such incredible friends! Also the food and flowers are inspiring! So glad you had a professional photographer there! Love to all!

  5. Oh man, how I wish I could have been here for this! Thanks for posting so I could at least see it all xoxooxoxox


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