our last weekend


we don’t know when this baby is going to decide to go ahead and be born, but we do know that we just finished our last weekend as a family of two here in london. because even if our little one doesn’t come by next weekend, my mom definitely will! she arrives on tuesday morning and we’re thinking baby will coordinate arrival with his grammie.

work has been crazy busy for ian (right as it’s non-existent for me due to maternity leave!), but yesterday we were able to sneak in some good time together in an attempt to relish the last of our childless days. we took the tube out to holland park and discovered there such a lovely oasis of beauty and serenity separated from the busy city. after, we walked to portobello road since the boy had never been to the market there, which is a total wonderland. i love the whimsical antique stalls, the wafting lively music from record players and street performers, the food for sale that is just so beautiful and diverse, and the electric energy of the crowds. it’s all so colourful – my kind of place … which i loved sharing with my true love, and baby boy!

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yesterday evening, we went out to dinner at a thai place near our flat and called it our “last supper,” since it may be awhile before we have a meal out together sans baby :) today after church we took a walk through st. james’s park, cuddled on the couch reviewing our birth plan, played our favourite board game, and took a walk down to the river at sunset as we reflected together on all the amazing adventures we’ve been able to have as a family of two before we start the best adventures as a family of three plus.

there’s just one last thing i really want to do before the baby comes: somehow heartily celebrate independence day while in the country from which we fought for independence :) although it’s certainly a regular work day over here, we’re going to make sure to have some fourth of july fun. i wonder where i could find some sparklers…?


  1. On my way from the Atlanta airport! We're going to have some fireworks of our own next week, right? It's going to sparkle! See you tomorrow!

  2. think you may like this product wont take up room in your flat

  3. Awesome. Hannah was a week late, so I went and had a manicure on her due date! You're almost done with this bit of the journey. Can't wait to meet the little guy.

  4. Do you mind me asking what size sonnet James dress you are wearing (the green/blue one)? Thanks

    1. not at all! it's a size s. the other dress i got is m since i wanted a little more fabric to cover my baby bump, but i actually wish i would have gotten a s.

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  6. So many awesome places to see and things to do while you're waiting!


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