a zero birthday party + first visitors!


when moses was four days old, he got to meet the first of his eleven uncles, the first of his twelve aunts, and the first of his thirty six cousins!

my brother tal and his wife anita and their daughter live in switzerland, and they had a long layover in london on their way to utah! it was soooo wonderful for us, because we live far away from most of our loved ones, to have some family visitors in the very first days of moses’s life. and i don’t know if i’ve ever seen a child more completely excited than this little girl was to hold her baby cousin. when we opened the door and saw her, she could hardly greet us because she just couldn’t wait to snuggle tiny mo!

we decided tal and anita’s quick visit was perfect timing to have a little zero birthday party for baby boy. i made a funfetti cake and we had a fabulous little celebration together.
IMG_3005 IMG_3008IMG_3018
^^ tal, anita and super excited (look at her face!!) little a brought a special gift from switzerland for moses … ^^
^^ … tiny swiss flag socks! so darling!! they also brought some delicious swiss treats. ^^
IMG_3057 IMG_3834 2
^^ we put those socks right on and moses felt very relaxed in them! :) and then we sang happy birthday and had cake! ^^
IMG_3841 2
^^ this picture unfortunately highlights how swollen my legs were after childbirth … but look at all those cute faces! love these people so so much! ^^
IMG_3827 2
^^ of course my mom made a lovely spread with a fancy cheese plate and tal’s favourite food in the world – olives!! ^^
IMG_3066 IMG_3070
^^ after the party we all took a walk together to waterloo bridge. i was moving preeeetty slow but loved the fresh air and views. and especially the company!! ^^

the next day, our dear amy and her darling elsa came by to meet baby moses. amy is practically my sister so basically another auntie to mo. (i’ve known amy since the day i was born – literally! and she and her husband and four girls live just outside london. much more on them – they are some of the best people on planet earth! – coming up because moses and i stayed at their house for four days while ian was in the states for his sister’s wedding at the beginning of august.) we were all so excited to see her and sweet elsa. baby boy looks pretty content in elsa’s arms, huh?!

IMG_3092IMG_3087 IMG_3091IMG_3096

i am so so very glad that our little moses got to meet some of our most beloved people in the first few days of his life!


  1. Love all these people! We are so blessed! What a grand 0 birthday party we had!

  2. Those little girls are absolutely darling with Moses - glowing as much as Momma! Delightful photos as always.

  3. Your brother and sister-in-law are clearly able to be filled with love and joy for you even in the midst of their own struggle to add a baby to their own little family. I hope you appreciate how much love and strength this visit demonstrates.

    1. absolutely. it was so special, and we are grateful and glad. i chose not to express that specific sentiment writing so as to not bring unwanted attention to that part of their lives.


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