big cheers for a little boy


while we were in utah, we had three baby showers for moses! it was so great to see so many loved ones and celebrate the safe and happy arrival of our perfect baby boy. when snapping photos, ian invited all shower attendees to do a big cheer for our little boy!

1. eyre family shower
my mom invited my aunts and cousins, from both her and my dad’s sides of the family, to come up to park city to party with moses. it was so great to see everyone, and of course to have my mom, sisters and nieces there as well! moses loved meeting all these amazing women!

^^ of course my dad wasn’t about to miss out on the fun, and positioned himself right in the middle of the table as we ate! ^^
IMG_9225 IMG_20160909_192757
^^ my mom and her sister, our beloved aunt lenna. love that woman dearly. and look at that beautiful spread of food! ^^
IMG_20160909_193201 IMG_20160909_193210
^^ my mom is the cutest and got those darling cupcake toppers. she also put little blue pacifier-shaped candies in tiny mesh bags and handed them out as party favours. ^^
^^ gifts were given, but also something of much greater value – advice! each of these amazing moms offered a tidbit of motherhood wisdom, and the littler girls shared something they love about their mom. ^^

2. friend shower
just minutes after telling her i was pregnant back in january, my dear friend catherine offered to throw me a baby shower when i came to utah. we have been talking about it excitedly ever since! it was so, so awesome to gather so many beloved friends - from all different chapters of my life - in one place, to celebrate my baby!! that saturday afternoon was one of the happiest slices of time ever.

IMG_5401 IMG_5405
^^ catherine asked dani to do the decorations for the shower. can you believe these?! huge blocks, a poster-sized portrait of our boy, and a multi-colour “shower” to put gifts under! ^^
^^ plus a “welcome to earth moses banner! different friends chipped in on bringing delicious food and we had quite a spread! ^^
IMG_5425 IMG_5447
^^ it was so fun for me to show off moses to my friends. miffy, in this pic with moses and i above, is my very oldest friend in the world. we’ve known each other since the day we were born (literally!). ^^
^^ love each of these women so so much! ^^
IMG_5457 IMG_5493
^^ moses was super hungry right when it was gift-giving time, so ian helped out with the unwrapping while i nursed. you can spot the clothesline of baby socks that dani decorated with behind us – so cute! ^^
IMG_5462 IMG_5466
^^ we were gifted some pretty special things for baby moses, including a handmade quilt! ^^
^^ it was so so fun to see my dear friends with my baby. how great is this photo of megan and moses?! ^^
^^ high school friends (actually i’ve known all of these girls since middle school and three since elementary!). caitlin had to leave before we took this photo, but you’ve got to check out her new book. ^^
^^ i met and lived with julie in dc, keri in provo after my mission, dani in jerusalem, megan in provo before my mission, and brianna in england on my mission (we were companions!) ^^
^^ these two girls came all the way from california to see me and meet moses! i adore them both so much! ^^

1. allred family shower

ian’s aunt anita – his mom’s sister – offered to throw a shower for moses with allred (ian’s mom’s maiden name) family members. we all gathered at anita’s home in american fork and had ice cream sundaes, shared titles of favourite children’s books, cuddled with little mo and enjoyed being together. it was wonderful!

^^ moses with his great aunt eileen. this tender moment was just minutes before mo spit up all over her! :) ^^
IMG_5663 IMG_5667
^^ ian’s mom had sent a gift for moses, to be opened at the shower, from texas! // mo with great aunt marie. ^^

we were certainly thoroughly showered!! i’m so blessed to have all these amazing women in my life.

aaaand, that’s a wrap on documenting our trip to the states! i couldn’t leave these last two photos out though – they’re too good:


our long journey home was a wee bit tiring – haha! {those suitcases are full of shower gifts, clothes for moses to grow into (sooo much cheaper in the states!), and a whole load of stuff from trader joe’s, which i miss so so much in england!}

it was a crazy wonderful whirlwind two weeks in the usa!


  1. What a whirlwind and wonderful two weeks in America. So much love and joy. These last two pictures had me laughing so hard. We've been in your shoes with babies, stateside visits and exhaustion. Just priceless and very memorable.

  2. Haha! Those last two pictures are the perfect ending to such a busy and fun trip to the USA!

  3. Such fun pictures - good sports!! Love seeing you being showered with love :)

  4. Wonderful post and beautiful photos! :)

  5. Wonderful post and beautiful photos! :)

  6. So happy to see these really fantastic pictures! I passed them on to the Carvers! The last two are belly laughable! You both deserved that!

  7. I love Mo's Halloween costume!!!!!


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