joy for your kids, joy for you

to any mom out there that is reading this blog: i have two really wonderful things to share with you!

one: joy school.

people here in london keep asking me if i have registered my not-quite-three-month-old for nursery and primary schools. say what?! apparently it is a thing (for both prep schools and state schools!) to register a baby at preferred schools on the very day he/she is born ... so apparently we are way behind. it's crazy, and i'm not sure how it's all going to shake out for us (we definitely won't be living in our same neighborhood when it's time for moses to go to school, and we are not sure where exactly we will move!) ... but one thing i do know for sure is that i have a preschool plan - because i'm obsessed with JOY SCHOOL! 

if you haven't heard of it - joy school is essentially a co-op preschool that a group of parents can do together. parents trade off hosting/teaching, and instructions for lessons/activities/stories/songs/games are provided online. the curriculum is built around joy - which leads to a love for learning, true character and kind confidence. there are nine units in joy school, and i just love them!
the joy of uniqueness
the joy of the body
the joy of sharing and service
the joy of goals
the joy of confidence
the joy of honesty and communication
the joy of creativity
the joy of the earth
the joy of wonder 

joy school helps prepare children academically for kindergarten and beyond, but much more importantly, it prepares children socially, emotionally, creatively, even physically, for life. i just think it's so cool.

it's not too late to start doing joy school this school year! it's a fantastic way to be really involved in the very beginning of your child's schooling, to develop relationships with other parents and children, and to remind yourself to find joy like children do so easily. click the image above to learn more and register your preschooler in JOY SCHOOL!

two: the mom conference.

next week, a FREE ONLINE conference will feature presentations from twenty best-selling authors and parenting experts. you can tune in from wherever you are (and whenever is convenient for you within the three days!) and pick up loads of powerful, concrete tips and ideas, and lots of motivation and support. topics of the online interviews range from managing kids' screen time to preparing healthy family meals to strengthening marriage to helping kids avoid an entitlement attitude to developing a strong family budget.

i heard from several friends, who took part in the mom conference last year, that this event sincerely changed their life, in awesome ways. i am so excited to tune in as a new mom this year. the speakers are each unique and fabulous and i know i am going to learn so much.

you can register (FOR FREE!) today by clicking on the image above!

baby moses and i are having a happy day in london, and we hope you all are, wherever you are, too!


  1. Great links, thanks Charity! Love the sweet pics, you both look so happy.

  2. I love seeing your pictures of London. I studied abroad there in college and that city holds such a special place in my heart. I'm a little envious that you get to live there with your little family! I've done joy school with my two kids- we didn't follow the exact cirriculum, we just kind of did our own thing, but it was such a great experience. I love being involved in my kids preschool experience. They are sent off into the world to have someone else do a big portion of their education soon enough. It's so fun to do it in your home while they are tiny and be part of so much fun learning!

  3. You can't sign up for state school until the child is a certain age. Which is usually the year before they start. Even then you apply for schools and aren't guaranteed the place you want (lots of deciding factors the local council puts on when allocating schools ie distance siblings) however private schools are different.

  4. Baby moses hair seems to be getting blonder!

  5. That baby is a darling! I did Joy School with my little people and I LOVED it. I sort of cheated and did it solo because my kids are so close together we already had mass but the lessons and stories and songs are soaked into all our minds and hearts. Joy is the perfect name for it!!

  6. Hi Charity! Sam and I are expecting number six around Thanksgiving, and I need some advice! I have never had success with baby carriers/baby slings, and I wondered if you had an absolute favorite. The one you are wearing in this pic is super cute, but I've noticed you wearing others. I'd like one I can wear outside while gardening :) Thanks so much! Lindsay

    1. i'm going to write a post about this very soon. number six!!! love you cousins!!! xo

  7. Hi Charity! Congratulations on sweet Moses! It's been such a treat to read your blogs on new mommyhood. I'm so happy for you. I hope this question doesn't come off as rude, because I don't mean it that way at all! I'm really interested in Joy School. I have an almost 3 year old son. What I wanted to know, is whether the curriculum is religion based? I'm an evangelical Christian, but not Mormon. Still love your blog and think your family is awesome! Anyway, I was just curious! Thanks so much!

    1. of course it doesn't come off as rude! joy school is not religious based and is awesome for kids of any faith (or none).

  8. Great post Charity! Thanks for supporting your family in their efforts to bring more happiness to families!! Love seeing these delightful pics too! We love you!


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