moses in the mountains

while we were in utah, i really wanted to get a darling picture of baby moses in the autumn-kissed mountains. mo was sleepy when we went on a little hike with shawni, claire and grandfather, so i asked ian to drive down the road with me the next afternoon and help me get a photo we could treasure forever, capturing our baby’s first time in our beloved utah mountains.

aaaaaand, it didn’t work out quite like i hoped. the sun was too bright and moses wasn’t quite up for posing. i can’t stop laughing looking at these photos!

IMG_5501 IMG_5505IMG_5507 IMG_5517IMG_5519 IMG_5544IMG_5530 IMG_5518

maybe next summer we’ll get a stellar moses in the mountains picture :)


  1. Next summer you won't get him to stand still or look at you while you try!! He looks so much older than the last time we were saw him. He's going to be so different next month.

  2. This baby's expressions are neverendingly adorable!


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