our second year of marriage

this past october ninth marked the second anniversary of our wedding. {and i've been meaning to write this post ever since - ha!} we spent the weekend in paris, celebrating our true love and all that we have learned and enjoyed and struggled through as husband and wife. we walked through the magnificent hall of mirrors at the palace of versailles, and ate delicious crepes, and took in the splendor of the louvre, and watched the eiffel tower sparkle. but the real magic of that weekend happened away from the all the allure of the city of lights - in a dim hotel room that could have been anywhere in the world. we snuggled up on the bed - with our baby son in between us - and watched a little movie i had put together with video clips and photos from our two years of marriage. and our hearts were full, full, full - with love and gratitude and joy. 

i wrote last year about our first year of marriage - that it was wonderful and also tremendously challenging. we've taken all that refining from our initial three hundred and sixty five days and have used it to grow, individually and collectively. we have given more and given in, have bucked up and chilled out, have sought to appreciate and have worked to understand. we've filled in what was stretched out, and then have stretched a bit more. each day we are both becoming better at being each other's spouse, and it's a really beautiful, symbiotic evolution that has fundamentally deepened us as human beings. 

becoming parents together has intensified our marriage in beautiful ways. baby moses has increased our ability to love and has filled our shared life with wonder. preparing for his birth and welcoming him into the world together was a hugely bonding experience for us, and parenting him together has enhanced, enchanted and enlivened our relationship. having a baby has also introduced new challenges, but so much more has equipped us with richer character and heartier hearts.  

i am still in complete awe of our love story and that we are married. as i learn more and more about him, i am astounded at what a fabulous man my husband is. i am wonderfully amazed by how both our friendship and our romance gets deeper and deeper. i am just so incredibly grateful that we found each other, that we chose each other, and that we learn from each other every day. our marriage is hard work, and it's awesome. 

so here’s to surviving and thriving in the second year – through the grueling times and the blissful times – and many, many more to come with my ian. no matter what, i would and will always choose him. he’s my deepest love, my dearest friend, my favourite person, my very heart. he is becoming my soulmate.

^^ a family selfie i snapped this morning during some saturday morning snuggles. life is sweet. ^^

 aaaand, a few more wedding pictures, because it was the best day ever. 


  1. Yowie Zowie, and I mean that!

  2. What a sweet post and beautiful collection of fabulous photos! That was a time to remember!!!


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