a fun few days with my parents

last week, my parents were in town!
it is always such a treat to have them here in london. they love this city as much as we do, so we all soak up its magic together … and it’s just great to have them around the flat, and to share meals and conversations and laughs with them.

it’s even more fun having my parents visiting us now that little mo is here. i love seeing my baby with his grammie and grandfather and moses just adores them both so much!

a few photos from our days together…

IMG_0389 IMG_3812IMG_3398IMG_0357 IMG_0367
^^ i took rick and linda to lunch at ottolenghi, my favourite. mom and dad are great appreciators of fresh, pretty and delicious food like me :) ^^
IMG_0344 IMG_0369
^^ walks through leicester square (that entire big ben is made of tiny legos!) and notting hill ^^
IMG_3826 IMG_3827
^^ my dad is the master of this move, which we call “the trick.” moses loves it!! ^^
^^ a gelato run after dinner one night ^^

my dad and i went on a bike ride together one morning. it was chilly but so sunny and we had such a great time cruising past famous london landmarks (we hit buckingham palace right as the changing of the guard was happening!) and then through the parks. i love hanging out with my dad so much.

as a side note, did you know that, starting soon (no one is sure exactly when…), big ben is going to be covered up with scaffolding for three years?! ahhh! i am trying to take as many pictures of/with it while it’s still uncovered!IMG_3800IMG_3806
^^ borough market with grammie. grandfather got lost on his bike ride over – whoops! ^^
^^ pretty sunsetty light over the thames down to tower bridge on our way back from borough market ^^
IMG_3817 IMG_3818
^^ watching the inauguration … dad’s expression pretty accurately portrays our feelings about it … we are all praying for our country and our leaders! ^^
IMG_3832 IMG_3835
^^ at the natural history museum just before we said goodbye (for now) to mom and dad. always doing the trick ;) ^^

such a great few days with rick and linda. one of the highlights (that i didn’t get a picture of) was going to beautiful: the carole king musical together. ian and i bought four tickets to that show as a christmas present to mom and dad. and we were so glad they ended up loving the show, which was full of music from “their era.” we all four had a really great time! and moses successfully survived his first non-family babysitter :)

we get to see mom and dad again this week as they come back through london on their way home from switzerland! and then again in utah in march and at bear lake in july. so glad that, even though we live so far away, moses gets to often see his grammie and grandfather!


  1. Just a question of curiosity. Why do you call your parents Rick and Linda? (Definitely no snark in the question!) I like it; I'm just curious about it and the motivation behind it. Thanks!

    1. I was wondering that too. It seems a bit strange to call your/Charity's Mum & Dad by their Christian names.

    2. You've never heard people lightheartedly refer to their parents by their first names? My friends and I do it all the time.

    3. yeah, it's just a lighthearted thing...to avoid saying "mom & dad" so repeatedly in this post :)

    4. Cool, thanks for the reply Charity!
      I have a friend whose therapist told him to start referring to his parents by their first names as a way to establish more of an adult relationship with them. I think that's why I was struck by it but I like it for whatever your reason was. :)

  2. I love the expression on your Dad's face whilst he's watching the P & especially
    the way Moses is looking at him:)

  3. After having seen the picture of the telephone box in front of Big Ben on your and your sisters' blog so often, I had to take it as well, when I was in London last autumn. We started quite the trend. People were lining up by the time we had ours.

  4. Charity-- applaud you for speaking out as you have in your latest post (comment section in that post, understandably turned off). The immigration ban, and the way it was conceived, and ultimately executed, also disturbs me greatly. Good for you for publically speaking your mind.

  5. I too am responding to the latest post about the immigration ban. It goes far beyond preventing terrorists from coming into the country. The current immigration policy costs taxpayers 300 billion a year and at least 2 million convicted criminal aliens are inside the U.S. It is a big problem! I'm all for helping those in need and I think most people are (even the Republicans!). My sister took in two great refugees and we all love them but it does seem unfair in a way that they get $1000 stipend a month plus free health care (one of the boys has had 12 surgeries on his leg...all free) when there are tons of poor and needy in our own country who go without. Is it wrong to make those who want to come to our country come in a legal manner?? Every other country requires this. I'm sure you had to go through the proper channels to be able to live and work in England. I'm guessing you don't get free health care there or a stipend. It's frustrating to me that people don't see the big picture. There are a lot of things that are involved in the immigration problem. I don't think Trump is a hater of immigrants (heck his wife is one!). I think he feels like immigration to the U.S. has been severely abused (which it has). It is a problem that needs fixing. He's doing what he thinks will help our country. Our only choices for president were Hillary and Trump. Hillary is as corrupt and evil as they come (please do your research on her if you don't agree) and Trump is crass and brash but wants the U.S. to be a safe and prosperous place. He is the president and we can give him a chance instead of jumping on the protest bandwagon and criticizing every step he makes and word that comes out of his mouth. Realize that there are many factors that play a part in the ban.

    1. I have NO idea who you are, but I COULD NOT AGREE with your comment more. Thank you for politely and kindly explaining your thoughts. You put what has been in my head into words.

  6. Well, there is a huge difference between coming to a country as a refugee and as a employee. When you move to England as a employee you automatically have health insurance that covers everything so you don`t have to worry about it. I`m glad that the refugees get all the help they need to start a new life.
    Yes, you`re right. There are many poor and needy people in the U.S. who would need all this help as well and don`t get it. And that`s a problem that needs to be solved. But it doesn`t help to compare these to different groups of society and what they get and don`t get and shouldn`t get, because the situations are so different.
    And when a country would stop helping refugees, what would that say about the society? I sure wouldn`t want to live in such a society.
    And the president has a very, very, very weird way of trying to fix these problems.
    Again, I agree, there are many severe and urgent problems that need to be fixed. I just don`t think it is helpful in any way or for anybody to compare these problems or people`s situations.


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