something we never leave home without!
{madeline’s box pacifier clips}

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as i’ve mentioned before, i’m pretty choosy when it comes to baby gear. as a self-proclaimed minimalist living in a tiny apartment in a big city, i am always on guard about collecting too much stuff … and there’s so many things that people claim you need for a baby that i think are silly :)

but one item that has been been absolutely essential for us has been a pacifier clip. i’m glad that moses doesn’t constantly want a binkie (or dummy, as they say here in england!) in his mouth, but he does love to suck when he’s sleepy or otherwise cranky. and heaven knows a paci not attached to our little one would perpetually end up on the grimy streets of london – a clip is a must.

there are a lot of pacifier clips out there, but so many are super ugly (in my opinion), or way too long, or just quite bulky or flashy.

but good news! i firmly believe that madeline’s box has created the perfect pacifier clips! they are just the right length, brilliantly simple in look and design, really well-made and durable (to withstand all kinds of tugging, slobbering, etc.), and all-around easy peasy to use. moses has two madeline’s box clips and we never leave the house without one attached to him or his carrier.

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^^ this is mo’s “softy” clip. not only does this clip keep his binkie attached to him, but it also keeps him entertained a lot of times - he absolutely loves to suck on the braided chain, or just swing it around, or work diligently on putting the binkie into his mouth (right side up and right side in) on his own. ^^
IMG_8411 IMG_8422
^^ and this is his leather suede clip. isn’t it so pretty?! i had such a hard time picking a colour among the many, many choices – but i’m always a sucker for gold. ^^
IMG_8421 IMG_8419

madeline’s box pacifier clips are totally affordable and totally adorable. (seriously, there are so many cute different colours and designs that i am so tempted to break out of my minimalism and just buy them all!) and the clips can be used to hold on to anything, really, not just binkies/dummies.

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we have really love our madeline’s box clips and hope some more of you mamas and babies out there can enjoy them too!



  1. Your little Moses is such a sweetheart! Such a perfect little face! I might have to invest in one of those softy clips.

  2. They're great for toys, too!

  3. I came across this on Instagram. Can't wait to get some for my little man coming beginning of April.


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