celebrating love and family in utah

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the purpose of our trip to the states in march was to go to ian’s baby sister rachel’s wedding in utah.

on the wedding day, it was incredibly special to be with ian’s parents and all six of their children, each and every one having found and married their beloved. we are so happy for rachel and her new husband taylor, who we really love and like, and who adds some real awesomeness to the family. the wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom were absolutely glowing with the purest, sweetest love and promise.

it was a fab bonus to also spend some time with my parents and some of my dearest friends while in the beehive state!

i was kind of lazy about taking pictures on this trip, but here’s a few from our time in utah. i love being there so much and in so many ways.

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^^ trying on grandfather’s glasses. these two are best buds, like two peas in a pod. it’s obvious they adore each other and that just melts my heart! ^^
^^ the view from my parents’ apartment downtown. i love it! i love my hometown. ^^KWTG7990
^^ one morning, ian and i got to teach a class at brigham young university! we were guest speakers in a course called global adventure travel. it was so much fun to do that together! a reader of this blog is in that class and invited us. here we are with her and her twin sister after the class! ^^
^^ i spent an afternoon with my dearest friends catherine and abby. we went to the park and then had dinner together (our husbands joined!) at a fun food court. cath, abby and i all had baby boys in the second half of 2016 (the difference is this is both of their third baby, and only my first!). it was so fun to have all three of those boys together! they are destined to be bffs. i love these women so much and forever, no matter our distance in location or time! ^^
i also got to have lunch with my childhood best friend jane, and visit my bosom buddy julie, who put on her wedding dress for me since i am missing her wedding in june (boo hoo). there are few things i love more than reconnecting with best friends in utah.
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^^ ian and i got to go inside the salt lake temple together (while moses hung out with his grammie). it’s always really special to return to the place where we were married. and we love sharing that place with our little mo! ^^
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^^ ^^ after some time in the salt lake area, we went down to the provo area for the wedding weekend with the wrights. one of the highlights (other than the wedding, of course!) was meeting our new baby niece/cousin sophia. moses was totally delighted by her (and so were we)! ^^ ^^
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^^ some pictures from outside the temple as we waited for the bride and groom! (on the left is taylor’s cute little brother who was ready to hand off the boutonniere and bouquet)^^
(wedding ceremonies in mormon temples are really simple, and there’s no photography. after the ceremony, it’s traditional for friends and family to gather outside the temple and cheer and celebrate when the bride and groom leave the building.)
IMG_0149IMG_0122IMG_0143 IMG_0155
^^ i feel like moses is definitely cheering for his beloved aunt and new uncle in this photo :) ^^
^^ all the adult wrights – complete! ^^
^^ the bride with her brothers ^^
IMG_0389 IMG_0436
^^ and her sister and parents! ^^
^^ all the sibs ^^
IMG_0176 IMG_0129
^^ and the couples-with-babies ^^ (ian’s older brothers have nine children between them, but didn’t come to utah from pennsylvania and ohio for the wedding)
IMG_0271 IMG_0293IMG_0319
^^ the boys :) ^^
IMG_0428 IMG_5181 IMG_5192
^^ after the wedding, there was a lovely luncheon at a banquet hall nearby. ian decided to give moses a fun hairdo after we ate :) ^^
IMG_5189 IMG_0490
^^ moses got to hang out with one of his sets of great grandparents! and there was a little dance party :) ^^
^^ after the wedding festivities, we gathered at ian’s grandparents for the baby blessing of darling baby sophia. i stole this snap of two brothers with their sweet babies. ^^
^^ my parents brought us to the airport the next afternoon. sure love these two. we get to see them again soon because they are meeting us in moscow in a couple of weeks! ^^

we are so grateful for our families.
congrats, rachel and taylor!


  1. That was so much fun having you come to my class!! Thanks again!! :)

  2. We are soooo soooo glad that you guys were there. We love you so much!! And little Mosey was a great addition in the wedding festivities. Love you!!

  3. Girl, are you pregnant again? :)

    1. yikes! do i look pregnant?! i am not.

    2. You don't look pregnant at all. You look great!

    3. haha, thanks. i thought this question was ironic/funny because as i posted these pictures i thought i looked pretty skinny, haha! i'm actually five pounds lighter than i was before i got pregnant. breastfeeding is an awesome calorie burner :)

  4. I thought that on SOME pictures you MIGHT be pregnant... so no worries! You look great! Sorry for being so curious...

    1. haha! that is a loose fitting dress... :)
      even if i was pregnant i wouldn't tell an anonymous commenter that in the comments of a blog post, so probably worth keeping that question to yourself in the future :)
      thanks for reading! x

  5. There is an unspoken pregnancy rule that unless someone looks like they are going to have a baby tomorrow, you can not ask them if they are pregnant. They have to be the one to bring it up. I know this rule because I made that mistake once. Yikes on me! Charity- you look fabulous!! Motherhood has been kind to you. :)

    1. My dad made that mistake once. I have "accused" two of my sisters and two of my best friends of being pregnant, and have been correct all 6 times (4 ladies, 6 pregnancies total so far)

  6. Are babies/children not allowed in the temple?

    1. no, they are not. only adult members of the church who have previously entered the temple and made covenants with god there can enter the main part of the temple.

  7. Violating the above mentioned rule, I thought that you might be pregnant when I saw the first picture of you at the wedding. But seeing the other pictures, it's very obvious that it's because of your posture.

    The bride looks lovely (too)!

  8. Good times. I'm so glad we were able to be there together.


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