holy week is here

last year, ian and i attended a sunrise service at the garden tomb on easter morning. it was one of the most transcendent experiences of my life, and just thinking about it makes my heart swell and my fingertips tingle. i was electrified with faith, devotion, gratitude and joy that morning.

at the end of the service, all the thousands and thousands of attendees were asked to move towards the exit, rather than attempting to come down the stairs to the tomb. "after all, he's not here!" the person conducting the service said into the microphone, with a hint of humor in his voice but also a lot of serious faith. "he's not here. so instead of trying to get through the crowds to the tomb this morning, go out and tell the world that he's not here, for he is risen! go out into the world and live for christ."

and so, i left that beautiful garden on that morning in jerusalem emboldened with a hope to come closer to jesus christ - whom i truly believe is alive, and is our savior. to quote the beautiful video above, i believe that this man who lived in the middle east two thousand years ago really did defeat death and conquer sin. i believe that he offers peace, that he can calm troubled souls, heal broken lives, turn heartache into hope. i believe that he lived, and died, and lived again, so we all will live again. i know that his resurrection brings us peace, because it has for me personally and powerfully throughout my life.

i cannot deny the sure and mighty waves of peace that have come to me when i have turned to jesus christ. these experiences simple could not have been conjured up by any physical, mental or emotional phenomena within myself. christ has healed me, and i have seen the effects of his healing of others. it's real.

i am glad for this time of year that provides an opportunity to focus a little more on the greatest miracle of all time, the resurrection of jesus christ. i have felt peace and joy as i've considered the true meaning of easter (okay, and also some true pleasure from cadbury mini eggs), and i wanted to share a few resources that i've enjoyed exploring as holy week has begun.
here is an awesome website full of information, stories and inspiration.
here is a family guide to spiritually celebrating easter, created by my sister and her friend (i absolutely love it!).

happy holy week!

post edit note:
moses woke up from a nap just as i finished this post, and we watched the videos below together. little mo was transfixed, and i had tears streaming down my face. truly, jesus christ is the prince of peace. and because of him, we can have new life. hallelujah.


  1. I love these videos so much! I cried watching them too. They are so meaningful to me not only for the beautiful messages about our Savior but also because I shared them so often on my mission. Thanks for posting them all in one place! It has really brought a sweet spirit to start my day! :)


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