ten thoughts on a wednesday |2|
{wisteria edition!}


1. the wisteria of london is in full bloom right now and it is just sublime. moses and i went on a walk hunting for wisteria in south kensington last week and were absolutely delighted with what we found (which is just a tiny fraction of all the purple blooms around the city!)! we’ve also come across some other brilliant blooms…

IMG_5845IMG_5846 FullSizeRender (2)

2. this is super random, but i’ve noticed while traveling (and hotels supplying only shampoo) that i like the way my hair feels and sits better when i don’t use conditioner. this really surprised me but now i’m pumped that i can quit buying conditioner!

3. last sunday afternoon, ian strapped moses on in the carrier and we walked down to whitehall gardens to play some ping pong! i had given ian a little table tennis set (paddles and balls) last father’s day because he had noticed the tables set up in the gardens (super close to our flat) and thought it would be fun to play. life has been so wild and full of other things that it took us ten months to actually use that gift! it was a perfect equilibrium evening along the thames and among the busting colourful flower beds hitting that ball back and forth. moses absolutely loved it and giggled so hard every time his dad lunged a litlte to hit the ball. we were all three laughing our heads off.

IMG_5893IMG_5875 IMG_5894IMG_5884 IMG_5891

4. i recently made a goal to decrease the time i spend looking at my phone. i downloaded an app called “moment” that tracks phone use and was appalled at the data that i saw in the first few days i used it! now it keeps me in check and i’m developing better habits, and it feels so so good!

5. moses is cutting a new tooth! we suspected something was coming through on top and then two days ago i heard him grinding his teeth … and now i can see it poking out. isn’t it funny how crazy exciting stuff like this is when you have a (first) baby?! it’s so fun.

6. people are good. this morning i went for a run and felt so jubilant as i jogged along the southbank taking in the views of big ben. and then i suddenly tripped and totally biffed it – haha! immediately there were two runners looking down at me with kind faces asking if i was okay. i’ve just been thinking a lot about how i believe there is so much more goodness than evil in the world, despite shocking things we learn about people doing in the media.

IMG_5896 IMG_5879
IMG_5927IMG_5912 IMG_5918

7. ^^ okay, this house with the pink door…! it was sooo hard to capture how amazing the wisteria was, climbing all over the facade and wall and front garden. it blew me away. i stood there with moses in the buggy for a solid fifteen minutes taking it in and trying to capture it. four or five other people came by in that time and we shared sentiments of amazement with each other. so so gorgeous!

8. moses and i have been going to “mummy and me” yoga classes on tuesday mornings and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. i was worried that those classes would be really easy and not feel like a true workout, but i’m actually able to break a good sweat and get in some great yoga practice while moses plays happily by my mat! and at the end we sing songs and lift and bounce and tickle the babies and it’s just so so fun.

9. moses has started waving at people spontaneously on the tube and it absolutely delights so many kind strangers. and yesterday we met a friend for lunch and the waitress at the restaurant was obsessed with little mo (this happens with some regularity). she told me straight up, “you got a really cool kid there.” amen!

10. every night i make a lunch for ian to take to work the next day, and i always write him a little note and slip it in there. he keeps every single one and has developed quite a collection in his desk drawer. i sure got a good one. ian and i are still learning so much about each other and how to share our life and it’s such a refining adventure. but most nights we lay in bed and tell each other how much we love being married to each other.


happy wednesday!


  1. Lovely pix, especially that pink house. It looks amazing!

    That was kind of those people who helped you after you fell over. Hope you were OK.x

    Dd you go & watch the marathon on Sunday? William, Kate & Harry were there:)

    Have you seen Mr Gorilla, a bloke from the marathon who is crawling the way to the finishing line? He was on This Morning (ITV) & is half way there. He's raising money for gorillas.

    By the way, I hope Ian & the people from his work were OK after the terrorist attack a few weeks ago.

    1. P.S. I love the notes idea.

      It's lovely that you put one in Ian's lunch box every night & also lovely that he keeps them.

      I know so many couples who take each other for granted, so I think it's great that you both do this. x

  2. Oh, the pink door and purple flowers! I LOVE it! I need to do a project for a computer art class I am taking (and I am not very artistic. I just wanted to learn about the tools!). Anyway, I needed inspiration, and I think I found it with doors and flowers! THANKS!

  3. Your blog and instafeed have been everything latelly! I'm travelling to London in a month for the first time and I can't wait! Spring is super late this year in Finland (it's not as bad as in Russia, but it's bad) and I'm so jealous of these pictures!

    1. Oh and I wish there will be this much flowers still!!

  4. Moses is a cutie and as I'm also a mother to an adorable little guy, I hear you on people being obsessed with him when out. But I don't know, I always find it strange how you write about how cute he is and how obsess people are with him. I guess because it's a blog and your readers are a lot of strangers? I would just never sit around with my friends (especially if they have babies) and talk about how cute my baby is and how much attention he gets when out. It just seems a bit... boastful. Of course every mother thinks their baby is cute but it just comes across funny in your blog.

    1. From my perspective, Charity's anecdotes about Moses's cuteness don't sound boastful. I think it's endearing that she delights in her baby. And objectively speaking, Moses *is* pretty darn cute. :)

      Rachel K.

    2. First time commenter here, but this really stood out to me. I could be wrong, but the way I read Charity's posts I don't get the impression that she is boasting about how cute her kid is (though he is terribly cute and looks so full of joy), but rather that she is celebrating the connections with strangers made possible by having a child. I am nowhere close to becoming a parent, but I find it so natural to chat with or share a connection with strangers who have kids with them...There's something about babies that is kind of irresistible. I've loved hearing about the kindness and warmth Moses brings out in others...We all gain so much when we get out of our bubbles and connect with each other. For the record, Charity, I totally see why people are obsessed with Moses, considering I don't know you at all and I'm convinced he has the sweetest little spirit.

    3. I totally agree.

      I don't feel that Charity is boasting about Moses at all.

      He is so cute & I love his smile & it's lovely that he can bring joy to others.x

      Happy Bank Holiday weekend Charity, Ian & Moses. Have a lovely time. x

  5. I love hearing all about your day together & all the details because that is truly what matters. There is a little girl, Zamora Moon, from San Fran. Her mom taught at Harvey Milk. They have been living in London & have gone to Hadley Street Hospital. I know they would love a visitor. ZamAra has DIOG, an inoperable brain tumor. Visitors make such a difference since they are so far from home. Zamora Moon FB page.Marisa Martinez is her mom. Please at least look them up. Thank you Charity! Karen Carr

    1. i'd love to help if you can give me more information! charityeyre@gmail.com

  6. Oh my Wisteria! These pics are spectacular!


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