a misty morning in port isaac


hello from cornwall!

we rented a car and drove down to this magical peninsula – the southwestern tip of england – for a little family adventure and a change of scenery for ian as he is in the last stretch of studying for the cfa exam. to be honest, this trip has been pretty much a fail. there has been bad traffic, bad weather, and bad moods. i’ve wanted to visit cornwall for as long as i can remember, but as it turns out this just wasn’t the best time for us to come. you win some, you lose some.

still, we are grateful to be here, we’ve taken in some stunning and soothing scenery, and there have definitely been some awesome bright spots! one of those was yesterday morning when moses and i discovered and explored the picturesque fishing village of my cornwall dreams, port isaac. the weather was sub-optimal, but also kind of enchanting.

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i’ve been thinking a lot about one of my favourite movies, which takes place mostly in cornwall. it’s called about time. have you seen it? i found that film so incredibly inspiring - it changed my perspective in such positive ways and there’s so many things i love about it!

a quote from the movie: i just try to live every day as if i’ve deliberately come back to this one day – to enjoy it as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.


  1. Surely you've watched the BBC series "Doc Martin" which is filmed in Port Isaac??! If not, you MUST. It's so charming.

    1. I was coming to comment the same thing!

  2. I love 'About Time' too!


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