one year later...

summertime seems to have arrived in london!!! yesterday and today it has been sooooo gloriously warm and sunny and it feels like the whole of the city is lit up with exultation.

after church yesterday, we had a picnic with our friend martin at a little park next to the hospital where moses was born - right on the thames directly across from big ben. after, we asked martin to snap a few photos of our little family in a cool spot that we love.

we wanted to recreate the picture we took in the same place this time last year, when i was 7.5 months pregnant.

exact same spot on earth, totally different spot in life.

it's wild and fun to think about all that has happened since last may. becoming parents has expanded our world in so many different ways. we have grown a ton - individually and as a couple - which at times has been painful but mostly has been outrageously sweet. every night we get on our knees and thank god for our little moses.

i am excited to see what next may's picture in this very spot looks like :)

this afternoon, moses fell asleep in the buggy as we were heading home from a friend's house. i strolled him into st. james park and laid on the grass under a huge tree. as i looked up at the green leaves etching a ruffling pattern against the blue sky, i thought about this may, and last may, and the may before that, and the may before that. i find a lot of wonder in watching my life story unfold. and i'm looking forward to the mays of the future with a fond anticipation, because i'm sure the best is yet to come.