a birthday picnic

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yesterday was my birthday!

i really had superb day enjoying my beautiful life. i snuggled with my husband in the early morning and then delighted in little beauties around the city and ate a lot my favourite foods and treats. i spent nap time getting things organized and trying to reach out to others, and the afternoon giggling and exploring with my baby son. a hearty day of celebrating and savoring was topped off with the dreeeeeeamiest birthday picnic with my boys at my favourite spot in all of london – the queen mary’s rose garden at regent’s park. ian came straight from the office and brought a decadent cake and candles.
(we had a picnic in the same place last year on my birthday as well – so i’m declaring it a tradition!)

i can’t describe how perfectly lovely that evening in the rose garden was, but i’ve tried to burn it all onto the part of my heart that holds my very sweetest memories. the slanty summer light, the gentle breeze that swirled a luscious scent through the air, the blooms somehow both sublimely delicate and bold - it really was just all sublime. i felt an urge to capture it all in a million photographs, but stopped to just breathe it in. the happy contentment i felt after we packed up the picnic and walked toward the tube station was denser and gladder than i’ve felt in a long time.

my thirty first year was, undoubtedly, my best yet – thanks to little mo and his dad being his dad.
i’m looking forward to the year ahead being even better.



  1. Happy birthday (yesterday) Charity! Looks like the perfect birthday picnic tradition in that gorgeous setting. Thanks for sharing on your blog - not just your bday, but so much of your life and your thoughts. I feel like you've inspired me to try to live life more fully and deeply. I hope your 32nd year is just as wonderful!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Charity....Looks like you had a beautiful day with your boys!!! Wishing you joy, happiness, and peace in the year ahead.

  3. Happy {belated} Birthday, Charity!

  4. Happy birthday! I love that rose garden too

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Charity.

    Glad you had a lovely day:)

  6. One of the reasons why we're such friends is that we both glory in celebration, especially when it comes to celebrating people. Happy happy birthday again! I'm glad your day was so perfect :)

  7. Awwwe this is really nice! <3


  8. It is just so luscious that you are sucking every bit of joy out of these halcyon days with that terrific husband and delightful baby. It's such a precious moment in time.

  9. What a lovely birthday! I enjoy your blog so much. Question- where is the shirt you are wearing in these pictures from? It's so hard to find tops that have that sleeve length!!


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