looslis in london

at the beginning of june, my oldest sister saren and her husband and five kids came to london!

(having family in town is so so great. come august, every one of my eight siblings will have visited us since we moved here two years ago. both ian’s parents and my parents have also come to see us in london, and two of ian’s siblings as well – and one more is coming in october! when you live so far away from family, it sure is wonderful to have them come to you!)

the looslis came right before the cfa exam, so moses and i got to spend our days with them while ian did some last studying. then, saren and her crew went to france and switzerland, but back through london for a day (when my brother josh was in town too!) before heading back across the pond. it was really great to be together, and especially awesome to see moses absolutely delighted to be with his cousins.
  IMG_20170601_182347 20170602_140643_HDR20170531_132222 20170531_132909
^^ we met up in trafalgar square just after the looslis arrived and the total glee of the loosli kids when seeing moses was so awesome – and it was reciprocated by little mo. these cuzzies adore him and he adores them! ashton, isaac and eliza were constantly carrying moses around the city in our explorings, making him smile and giggle. ^^
20170531_133618_HDRIMG_20170531_132816 IMG_20170531_141256
^^ yeoman tour at the tower of london ^^
^^ everywhere we went with the looslis, whenever we encountered stairs, the twins were quick to grab each side of moses’s buggy and help carry him up or down. it was the best … i wish i had these two around all the time! ;) ^^
^^ ^^ ^^ a little covent garden –> soho –> mayfair walking tour ^^ ^^ ^^
^^ just love these cousins together so much! and look how happy moses is! ^^
20170601_152343_HDR IMG_20170601_145245
^^ doting on moses (and his awesome bedhead) in our flat ^^
^^ sharing a crepe at the portobello road market! ^^
^^ kensington palace! ^^
20170601_182632_HDR 20170601_144649_HDR20170601_154846_HDRIMG_20170601_121113 IMG_20170601_183133 (1)
^^ one afternoon we met up with our (saren and my) cousin aubrey (who goes to oxford) down by big ben. it’s always fun to be with that girl! ^^
^^ in queen mary’s rose garden (seriously, best spot in london in the summer!!) when the looslis came back through london and when josh was in town as well! ^^
^^ i love this shot – the twins are always climbing and/or balancing on something, and isaac was always holding moses! ^^
IMG_20170616_191500 IMG_20170616_19150120170617_104350_HDR
^^ …except when ashton got a turn. love these sets of cousin buddies!! ^^
^^ this is sadly the only photo i have of ian with the looslis – helping them carry their bags to the tube station to get on the plane home! :( good thing we will see them at bear lake in less than a month! ^^


  1. This makes my heart so happy to see you all together in the place that we love so much! Thanks for sharing!


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