summer in the city

FullSizeRender (9)it’s so HOT in london this week!

londoners (us included – i can claim that title after two years of living here, right?!) aren’t used to these high temps, and pretty much everyone feels like they are melting. i really dislike being hot, but i’m trying to embrace the heat by seeing it as an opportunity to take moses to discover all the different places one can get wet and splash in london!

last week we played in the fountains on the south bank of the thames (with incredible views of tower bridge) and yesterday we splashed in the fountains at sommerset house. today we are going to the princess diana memorial fountain in hyde park and tomorrow we’ll splash in the reflecting pool at the victoria & albert museum. by the time the heat wave passes i hope we’ll have also had the chance to swim in the pools in hamptead heath. moses loves water so this is all basically a dream come true for him! :)

summer in london is awesome. it’s light from 4am to 10pm, the city parks and pub flower boxes are bursting with blooms, the streets are buzzing with cheerful people, and there’s lots of good options when it comes to frozen treats. and our grand-splash-pad-tour-of-london is making it all that much more fun :) (all this makes up for the stifling heat on the tube and buses and the hoards of tourists that make hot spots so darn crowded!)

IMG_7657 IMG_7662IMG_7658IMG_7664 IMG_7648
^^ his hair is so delicious but yes, he truly needs a trim. i’m taking moses in for his first haircut today, in just a couple hours! i’ve been trying to capture all it’s scraggly, curly, ginger glory before his hairline changes forever :) ^^
IMG_7682 IMG_7692IMG_7688 IMG_7694
^^ after our tower bridge splashing, we walked home via borough market. as vibrant, lively and beautiful as ever – now a poignant symbol of london’s resilience and strength in diversity. and especially fun in the warmth of summer. ^^
IMG_7700 IMG_7703
^^ last week we went out to wimbledon to visit with a friend from our prenatal course and her son. i can’t believe how big these baby boys are! they are both constantly moving and wiggling, hence the blurry photo! ^^
IMG_7723 IMG_7725
^^ that same afternoon, it was a bit windy in the park and mo’s hair kept getting in his eyes, so he got to sport a “man bun” for a little bit – haha! ^^
IMG_7747 IMG_7742IMG_7733 IMG_7736
^^ summertime also means visitor time. my sister and her family came back through london on their way home (after some adventures in france and switzerland) at the same time my brother josh was in town! we all went to queen mary’s rose garden together last friday evening and it was soooo lovely. (more pictures etc from their visists coming soon.) moses and his cousin isaac have a special bond. they absolutely adore each other. ^^
IMG_7751 IMG_7754IMG_7759 IMG_7765IMG_7770 IMG_7768
^^ i seriously can’t contain myself with all the gorgeous roses in that park. they are insanely vibrant and outrageously beautiful. and the best part is the name plaques – some are just so endearing. ^^
IMG_7787 IMG_7793FullSizeRender (8) FullSizeRender (10)
^^ after a super fun afternoon playing in the sommerset house fountains with friends, ^^ we went back for round two with dad after work!! >>>
IMG_7805 IMG_7810IMG_7812 IMG_7814

we will be in the states most of july, so we are trying to soak up london summer as much as we can in june!


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    1. Sorry, typing early in the morning was not my friend.

      Those fountains look amazing! Would you mind sharing the brand of swim suit you little one is wearing? I'm assuming it is a swim suit, but regardless it is adorable, and something I would be interested in for my boys. Happy summer!

    2. hi! i got the swimsuit on amazon!

  2. Hi Charity, I love your blog! You always look so fashionable and put-together. Could you do a fashion post sometime? It would be great to hear about buying clothes on a budget and how you mix and match!

    1. this comment made me giggle - i'm seriously so flattered! (i think my fashion isn't at a high lately...) i'll consider a post on how i dress in the future!

  3. I was thinking that Josh must feel the weather is just right since he left record highs in Phoenix. I used to live in Phoenix and graduated from there so I still keep an eye on the news and weather. When we would go to Oregon to visit family we thought 85 degrees was quite nice compared to 110! Lol. Enjoy your summer and Bear Lake! By the way, Moses is one of the happiest, smiling contented babies I have ever seen. Those curls are adorable!
    Jamie Noto

    1. but the humidity...! josh and i were both meeeelting when he was here in london, and then it got even hotter!

      thank you!

  4. Next time you're near London Bridge/Borough Market I'd love to come meet you during lunch! My office is only a short walk away :)


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